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Been out of the loop for a while...
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Opengunner 19th Dec 2012

Joined: 19th Dec 2012
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Hey guys, if you remember me, what's up? If you don't , what's up anyways.

So I haven't played this game since G2S broke apart. To much drama and no fun.

But here I am, I sit in front of my PS3 and expect something to do and always turns out to be disappointing. So I was thinking of playing this game again. But I can seem to find any patch info on what was changed on all of the vehicles so could someone tell me about how they changed Sweet Bot and Talon?

I logged on yesterday and was greeted with what my vision of hell truly looked like: Only two active games, one with only one person in it and when I joined the other, it was just Jugg spam unranked deathmatch.

So I realized that this game must be entirely organized events now. Obviously I'm not gonna have any fun if I don't know where the cool lobbies and events are.

I suppose I have to join another clan. I guess I'd better start doing my research again. Anybody mind telling me what clans are looking for new people?
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Opengunner 19th Dec 2012

Joined: 19th Dec 2012
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Wow, thanks for the extensive list Giraffe, and a tip of my hat to you as well. I was scouring the Gfaq forums looking for patch info but I couldn't really find any.

Now that I know Sweetbot and Talon got nerfed like hell, I can finally rest easy again. They buffed CF too? So i guess there's actually a reason to pick Captain Falcon over KockiKazy? That's cool. Now Talon can go back to being the support vehicle he was intended to be and Sweetbot is only transportation.

Are there any good times to be playing at that I should know about? Or do I just gotta get lucky and find a nice room?
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Muddeh [=eX=] 19th Dec 2012

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
Rank: eXodus
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Nice to see you again Gunner! I remember you were one of the better Death Warrants around back in the day, if my memory serves correct, but didn't get many chances to play you while you were around. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity now. =)

I will warn you that although the fliers have been nerfed, it's still the general consensus that they remain overpowered, and in my honest opinion, there's no way to balance their ability to fly. However, unranked lobbies are certainly the best places to look, and can be a great time when hosts restrict overpowered vehicles, and are capable of removing players that use illegitimate tactics. In the meantime, good to see you around again!

PSN ID: Muddy_Maestro | MegaKiIIStreak

Opengunner 20th Dec 2012

Joined: 19th Dec 2012
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Hey Muddy, last I heard from you was the thread where you were mad at that guy FlamionAzura. If it makes you feel any better, he's still "Not the brightest bulb in the house" (Giraffe's quote on GameFaqs) if you check out his DA page. http://flamionazura.devia ... If it means anything to you, I think he's a gay autistic 'otherkin' type of furry/dragon guy. According to the internet, that's the worst kind! He personally pissed me off as well with a similar occurrence but I still kinda feel bad for him. I can't even imagine what that guy's social life in RL is like.

Thanks for the update on the status quo. What I drive is entirely determined on what people think is overpowered and underpowered.

I hope Warthog still sucks balls, gives me a reason to main him since they buffed all the other underpowered cars.
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SirCrush 20th Dec 2012

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
Rank: TC Member
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Welcome back, Gunner! LTNS mang. Primetime is 5pm-1am EST. ANd by Primetime I mean the ONLY TIME.

It's amazing how free speech brings out a more accurate representation of peoples' personalities O.O take that comment how you will lol

You're right, all that remains of TM is the clan scene, truth be told. There are still some random games to join, ranked and unranked, during peak hours and a FEW outside of that as well.

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