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Final Pre-Season News Letter
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TheOfficialChris 13th Feb 2014

Joined: 4th Dec 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 328
Likes 0

Scores: =X= defeats -eX- 2-1                  Z defeats =X= 2-1                      >EV< defeats =V8= 2-0

Final Pre-Season News Letter

=X= - 12        PSN: Hazzatic
Z - 10        PSN: Yadiras69
h8me - 11           PSN: JohnHVACR
muse - 12            PSN: Coldhand-
cPc - 12              PSN: Jobjobplaysrough
-eX- - 11            PSN: Jcub95
CTK - 12             PSN: blackfiredm
=V8= - 7             PSN: IceKillav8
>EV< - 5             PSN: Magz-N-BulletzOut

League Placements:
As of today the leagues have officially shaped up to look like this....
Pac 4: >EV<, =X=, cPc, =V8=, h8me
Big 4: CTK, muse, Z, -eX-
Good luck to both respective leagues.

Also don't forget tomorrow is Valentines Day!  I will be taking a rain check on the event.  That means I will not get your private messages until extremely late at night.  Thank you!

All Around The TM World

SirCrush, revered icon and founder of the legendary 7D$, has currently been away playing video games like "Tales of Xillia."  He has a website known as "" and I would like to invite anyone hooked on games to join it.  It has several reviews on hot new releases like "The Last of Us" and "Borderlands 2."  It is not a metacritic review form either so I would like to encourage those who have not played these games to read his articles.  I am pleased to announce that I have created an account on there in the hopes of the website re-opening itself.  Other big games that are placed on their for public showing includes the titles "Tekken Revolution", War of Roses", and "Spore."  
To all you crazy TM fans that are looking into other games to buy, but don't want to bust out your dollars to quickly, please visit his website.  I am sure he would enjoy the views and any comments/feedback that you are willing to give him on his articles.  He worked very hard on them and it looks like he has a lot of fun with the website as well!  Keep up the good work!

Off-Event Battle

-eX- has challenged H2K to a clan battle.  Now despite this being very uneventful and easy to decide an obvious winner (as would any clan vs H2K at this point), I have still decided to entertain the idea.  This is likely not to happen, but it is still newsworthy.  It is nice to see a participating clan go up against a lifeless clan full of "once-was" types of players.  May the better clan win.

Player Changes

Congratulations to Yabbiehands for finding a home inside of the >EV< group with Magz-N-Bulletzout.  Also please welcome Redman to CTK, he has the ability to make them a lot stronger.  Another big addition to the event is the entire >EV< crew in general.  They will add a very versatile lineup to the mix.  Be prepared for these players, clans, and new alliances to make a huge impact pretty soon.  I believe that the best is yet to come.  

=X= Recruitment Drive

From Vadimony:
"[=X=] Clan is seeking some active players.
We're pretty thin since we only have five members that war or participate in clan wars at this moment. We would like to have some willing members that wish to work hard, learn, and improve to join our roster.
Our clan is a good roster, but we're still developing and would like to add some role players, if possible. Thanks, and inquire Hazzatic about the idea."
I would just like to repost this as part of the news letter so that people can see it.  I would encourage all those to consider joining =X=.  They are the most active clan currently and only have five members playing daily.  Those five members though are dedicated to Twisted Metal, the community, and the clan.  I feel like they have enough integrity within themselves to represent this game and the league the way it should be.  
Good luck =X= in the league!  You guys showed an amazing effort and gave me and the community 110 percent all the way.  You helped a lot of clans get that filler match in and finish up as quickly as possible.  Not sure if there would be much of an event without you guys.  Again, thank you!

Pre-Season ends Feb. 18th @ 11:59 pm EST.  

Thank you for reading through this week in Twisted Metal.  Hopefully everyone who had read this will enjoy it.  Please leave feedback on the article.  No technical stuff por favor!
Created by: xPSYCHO-CHRISx

Out of all the things I have ever lost, I miss my mind the most.


TheOfficialChris 14th Feb 2014

Joined: 4th Dec 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 328
Likes 0

Last tid bit of news. TheDoc58201 will be available to any clan who ask him during the official event. If you need a filler player who can play Shadow very well then feel free to hit him up on PSN. He plays typically late nights and on his days off. =]

Out of all the things I have ever lost, I miss my mind the most.


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