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idea on spreading the site
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King Berserk [BSRK] 5th Dec 2012

Joined: 1st Dec 2012
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 2858
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you know the in game clan boards right? the ones that only leaders can write on, my idea is to write on that board

All clan activity will be posted on
all battle, skirmishes , training sessions, any changes ect. will be on the site.

you know just a thought

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Jcub95 [=eX=] 6th Dec 2012

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 45
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Nice ideas, i think i can pitch some in.
I think it'd be helpful to make a few lobbies named that like golp said. Also do what u$ 7D$ are doin and post in your comment. ALOT of people will check it out. Hell even msg'd me asking about the thing. Another helpful option would be for clan leaders to post in their clan messages in game. i think the words spreading pretty good, soon they'll have to live under a rock to not come here!

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Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » Twisted Metal
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