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Looking for players
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Rarichmond 6th Jun 2013

Joined: 6th Jun 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 3
Likes 0

I've searched various websites for people still playing twisted metal (I've had a really hard time getting people to join the games I host). So anyone interested in easy kills against me, at least while I'm getting back into this game, should add me. Psn: rarichmond. I prefer hosting my own games, but I'm up for w/e. just type twisted metal in friend request. Thanks.
X-PloytAdmin 7th Jun 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2012
Rank: Admin
Posts: 1846
Likes 29

Try to avoid starting up a new room. If there is a gametype you want to play, check to see if there are games made with that gametype you want to play first; if there isn't any room for you to join, then it would be a good idea to start a new room with the desired gametype in mind.

Avoid the "quick online action" option at all costs and go to Multi-player>Online>"all games" tab to see all the games available. When you go through quick online action, it will almost always create a new lobby; if there are already a couple populated games of TDM going, and you create a TDM lobby, you will wait a long time because people want to be in the full rooms. My advice to you would be to check the games available to you, then decide if it's worth creating a new lobby for the desired gametype.

And my unsolicited opinion about adding TM friends: As a new player, it's almost inevitable that you will run into a majority of the players here. Although I have plenty of "TM friends", I have hardly ever asked anyone if they wanted to play in the lobby I'm in, because of the compounding issues of getting games going and maintaining them, along with the matchmaking system.

If you didn't know already, while playing any team game, the lobby decides to team the players up by some sort of skill algorithm, and in unranked team games the players can choose which side they are on.

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Rarichmond 7th Jun 2013

Joined: 6th Jun 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 3
Likes 0

Thanks I will certainly pay attention to all of that. It sucks that most people on my friends list don't have twisted metal.
Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » Twisted Metal
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