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Most skillful TDM settings?
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Rob 9th Jan 2013

Joined: 19th Sep 2014
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 46
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Just me thinkin out loud, want to play something like this with yall.

Be it in clan wars or just a regular room:

-15-20 minutes rounds.

-Long respawn time, like 10 seconds. It actually punishes your team when you die other than just score wise, and makes the game deeper/more skillful in a tactical way.

-No lock-on Remote bombs because it takes no skill at all. Shooting them at environment, rear firing, sticking teammates, setting up traps is all cool. Self stick is good in my opinion.

-0 Talon because of unlimited flying.

-1 Juggernaut. Brings strategy when your team has one available.

-? amount of JYDs. This one I'm unsure about. Having a limited number of JYD rewards you for going after the medic, and makes it even more valuable to the team. Only 1 person get to use it within your team at all times.
4-6 lives sounds good to me.

-No Health semi.

-1 of each vehicle on your team. Switching mid-game is cool, switching with other teammates is cool too.

-Traffic and pedestrians I'm unsure about too. On and Off are both ok for me.

The rest of the rules are at normal.

I think this is the most skillful and competitive TDM setting possible. What do you think?
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King Berserk [BSRK] 9th Jan 2013

Joined: 1st Dec 2012
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 2858
Likes 2

is everyone cool if theese are the rules for saturday?

“Believe nothing you hear
and only half of what you see.”

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