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Suggestions and Improvements for TM
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Rock-Fist-Lee 27th Jan 2013

Joined: 24th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 474
Likes 5

starting thread for improvements and suggestions can be anything about twisted metal.

i thought a capture the flag mode with skinable flags for clan logos would be cool.

pass the bomb game. you pass a timed bomb around by ramming opponents. when timer runs out you leave the game like in last man standing.
when you kill a player with the bomb maybe you get the bomb. or something similar

races online even if its in unranked just for fun. race track maps.

electric cage matches online in most modes in unranked and ranked maybe.

capture the base. occupying enemies base equals points. skinible flag for home bases.

actual tournaments. each game is configurable in tournament and has story option. people can spectate and watch story unfold online.

all i can think of for now.

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Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » Twisted Metal
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