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The Real Gamers of Twisted Metal's Twisted Clans
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SirCrush 23rd May 2013

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 201
Likes 5

Hey guys, as promised here's our community spotlight on ... etals-twisted-clans/

Let me know what you guys think, leave a comment in our comments section, bash me, I don't mind. This is our first in a series of community spotlights for games that didn't get the attention that they deserved. I hope you all like it!

Remember: Podcast will be up LATE Friday night, early Saturday morning...we'll be talking to Jobjob about this site and its community so please check that out when it gets posted.

I am honored to have found a home in this community full of such a diverse group of people with a passion for one of gaming's greatest unsung gems. I hope this community continues to thrive and perhaps grow in the months and years ahead.

Original $inner - Founder of 7 Deadly $ins (7D$) - Gone but not forgotten!

***Former co-lead of Requiem of $in (Ro$) and current pawn of The Pit Crew (cPc)***

Blue Voltage &trade; 23rd May 2013

Joined: 5th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 215
Likes 0

Omg thats really well made crush good job

Signature Picture

I love the maple leaf and so should you

yurnxt1 [=eX=] 23rd May 2013

Joined: 21st Dec 2012
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 485
Likes 0

Nice work Crushy!
Sicard13 [=eX=] 23rd May 2013

Joined: 5th Dec 2012
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 249
Likes 0

Excellent article, Crush. Wreck on brother!

[~eX~] --- aka "sic sac"

Spooff 24th May 2013

Joined: 20th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 143
Likes 0

A good read, very well written

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Dog eat Dog world, and I'm wearing milk bone underwear!!

shadowofthedamed 27th May 2013

Joined: 4th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 99
Likes 0

i could join the fray and say very well written but im going to say written very well

PSN: shadowofthedamed


Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » Twisted Metal
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