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TRG Radio 3 with Jobjob interview
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SirCrush 25th May 2013

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Here it is...The actual interview is about 45 minutes into the podcast. Enjoy! ... trg-radio-number/

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Yadiras69 [ZETA] 25th May 2013

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Thanks for the shout out jobs and ur very welcomed xD lol

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SirCrush 25th May 2013

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
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UPDATE: I seperated the podcast into two parts, unfortunately not embedded. But conveniently, part 2 STARTS with the interview with Jobby so in case yall don't wanna hear us babbly about the XBOX One, you can skip right to it. Opens into a new tab for easy access, right click to download.

Sorry the interview is a bit rough. THat's partially my fault. I am used to 1 on 1 interviews so my head was swimming with not hogging the show from the co-hosts, letting them talk...I haven't done this type of interview before on THIS subject, either. I am used to talking to MMA fighters in their gyms lol...I didn't ask great questions either but Jobjob did a great job repping the site here so hopefully he succeeded where I failed.

I know I have been flamed for plugging this site before but we have a broad scope for what we're trying to do there and if you're a gamer who isn't necessarily categorized as a "core gamer" we already have and will continue to support the non-mainstream gaming that you might be interested in. Check us out. We're at the ground floor now but we ARE growing and who knows, maybe we'll be relevant some day

Original $inner - Founder of 7 Deadly $ins (7D$) - Gone but not forgotten!

***Former co-lead of Requiem of $in (Ro$) and current pawn of The Pit Crew (cPc)***

Muddeh [=eX=] 25th May 2013

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
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I listened to the whole episode, and must say I enjoyed it. I enjoy these types of longer talk shows, and you guys did a good job keeping it informative and entertaining; I'll probably follow you guys if you keep pushing out episodes. Although, most of the podcasts I tend to follow have a bad habit of being cancelled... so I hope I don't end up jynxing you guys!

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SirCrush 25th May 2013

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
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THat's not happening, Muddy...we have a BROAD plan for our site and one of my passions is in broadcasting and I am finally going to school for it this fall...our Podcast will be weekly unless something comes up where I can''t host or we can't make one. If the other guys can't make it, I'll be there. If I cann't make it, perhaps they will do the show without me.

Thanks for the kind words, btw. As determined as I am to get this career moving, self doubt has to be fended off regularly and compliments like these are a great weapon against that

Original $inner - Founder of 7 Deadly $ins (7D$) - Gone but not forgotten!

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Mihyaz05 [muse] 25th May 2013

Joined: 17th Dec 2012
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i listened all the podcast. i cant understand all the conversation but it helps my english too lol. btw you all did really good job . i enjoyed and Jeph must be read too much books lol

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Rock-Fist-Lee 31st May 2013

Joined: 24th Dec 2012
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That was very cool... Auto Dueler game is terrible name. Very first car game i ever remember playing was on an atari computer i was 8 years old it was called badlands. id go to my friends an he had a commodore 64 an i was jealous of him playing street fighter and echo the dolphin, id run out of the house at the sound of thunder, an be on my bmx. ... nds_%28video_game%29

On the site they say they want to know the best car combat ever, but limited to a post apocalyptic style of look. i have great ideas., but the game is limiting itself to its story.
Pref to me it would be cross console platform game only for hand controllers. but could be customizable from a computer.
Graphically be a touch better then TwistedMetal-X use the same game mechanics. It would be customizable and social.

The cars would be customizable to the point to where you put the control switches that control the lcd/cathode lights in your boot/trunk, under car, in grill for show etc. it would be a resizable panel where the light switches for strobe flash and on off switches go etc for each light. It would be a very deep customiser.

Your psn home avatar you could use as your driver and you could get out of your car in some non battle area or mode etc sony has a great thing with home i think uniting "alot" of games into/with it a great idea. It would be great to have "some" games merge in such a fashion. as an example the new high end sony hardware running two games simultaneously: psn home and a twisted metal game. The added depth on sonys games with home might interest a whole lot more. It would be like every game is part of every game and part of psn home.

your sitting in your psn home apartment. you feel like playing twisted metal. youve placed your ps3 item on your coffee table item. the ps3 would act as a selectable game loader "But your game will be loading on your apartment tv instead of your real life tv, youd better get your controller before it finnishes loading lol. might stream it back to my psn crib "heh"

someone who can do this?

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