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Vadimony to Mihyaz05
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B [BSRK] 7th Mar 2013

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
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"Annoying. Annoying is a player that abuses anything they can think of to benefit them in a game where the rest of the room is simply playing to enjoy themselves. That is my definition of annoying. A player, Mihyaz05 (as his brother is more mannered than the idiot childling), has continued to abuse known game mechanics for how ever many games he was in. Resorted to abusing shield exploits for Vermin/ Meat Wagon, and eventually Reaper's RPG due to his inability to perform up to the standards and the pressure of the matches or for the heck of it--whatever the idiot's thought process is about. Now as a person, I value honesty and integrity more so than anything else, especially in terms of competition. I don't choose to abuse or exploit anything I can to win; as I feel it's a lot more enjoyable to play fair and fun! Therefore, I boot whoever may be disturbing the fun of others, or a "known offender" that may ruin it for all. Guys may dislike this, but I don't have the interest to play this style of play or way just to "deal with setting an example and spanking" someone. It's simple: learn to play honestly and fair and I won't boot. Everyone should be mature enough by now to think for themselves (idiots! you did accept the agreement policy!) so you should know what is abusing and isn't abusing. If you can't behave yourself, then leave the rooms I may host or become a host of. Simple! Now onto the moron's message: "I focus to kill him" says the ego-filled idiot... Little to his understanding, all he did was poach and hide behind his teammates who happened to be more than my own teammates, and to add to it they also outnumbered us. Yet a classless idiot would take the time to brag and start bragging over nonsense stats. Seriously speaking, he's a joke--he was even confirmed a joke! Why even talk gossip on a forum behind my back? Because you said nothing to me when you were in the room prior to the boot. Calm down tiger and learn mannerism. It's a simple concept and even Turkey teaches such. But hey, you sure do make your clan proud: talk shit, brag up a storm, exploit, and act like a 2 year old. Honestly, your brother best ask you not to dishonor his last name anymore--he's a good fellow after all. As far as drama--no, sorry, cheating is drama. Learn to act, or get reported for not obeying the policies you signed up for. Immature punk. -Vadimony"

I (apu) agreed to forward the message.
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Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » Twisted Metal
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