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What Are You Thankful For? (TM ONLY)
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B [BSRK] 30th Nov 2013

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
Likes 1

Ok so here's the dilly yo. Do we have drama, hate, and trolling alts everywhere? Hell Yeah. Is there so many glitches and errors that you wonder why you still play? Hell Yeah. Is there also things you love? Hell Fucking Yeah or you wouldn't be reading this. In the spirit of Thanksgiving its time to go around the table and give thanks. Please keep this to TM only and try not to start shit. (waits for more drama than ever) Example its ok to be thankful for drama cuz it kept you interested but not ok to be thankful for (insert any name) being an asshole.

1. Im thankful i can still turn on my PS3 and play TM with you people. Its almost two years old and I've been told by so many people its about to die once this game or that game comes out. Guess what us fanboys are still here and I'm thankful for that. 

2. Im thankful for Berserk (Berserker$). I enjoyed TM a lot before i joined Berserk but those people have taken it to a new level for me. Past and Present members included with no exceptions. I hated the name at first but wasn't one to make issue of such a silly thing. I was dead wrong. Comm must be able to see the future cuz theres no other word that best describes the group. Its not just the battle stuff. Mostly its the crazy shit people do or say. Just chillin with cool people i guess. "What Is This"

3. Im thankful for this website. JJ and X rock and deserve much love. Maybe it didn't end up being what it was suppose to be but nothing ever does. I've had a lot of fun here. I remember Gamefaq. Most threads that were great are gone cuz of mods. Thank you guys for working so hard for such a small group of jagoffs. 

4. I am thankful for the drama. It goes to far at times but theres some funny people here that say some funny shit. Theres times when people are ripping me or a friend and i laugh cuz even though they may be calling me a POS its in a way thats to funny not to. Maybe I'm a terrible person but I think i'd have got bored and maybe gave up if not for all that TM love. Keep it coming people. 

5. I'm thankful for most peoples ability to move past such drama. I've never met a group of people who don't hold grudges as a whole like you people. It's nice to be honest even if it starts shit knowing it'll pass. Real life doesn't allow honesty like that often without severe consequences. 

6. Im thankful for the all the people i met here. Even the ones i don't like. I've never been around as many people from different places this long. I've never known anyone who lives in an igloo with high speed internet before, lololol. Its been a lot of fun to see people interact. 

7. Im thankful Maiu made such a great first response but must admit im sad i didn't get to know her better. You seem like one of those interesting people i'd have really liked.

8. Im thankful for health taxi's and the selfless people who use JYD the right way. I don't want to start listing names, and this isn't to say anyone is better than anyone, however I feel obligated to mention the one person who has given me more health than everyone else combined. Thank You SteveJr. You made this old average dude look pretty badass more times than i thought possible. You da fuckin man.

9. Im thankful for Wu. Though things didn't pan out as we wanted, but things rarely do. That was the first chance I got to start for a clan and was lucky enough to have that be with some great people. It was a great concept and its always better to try and fail than do nothing. I learned so much about the game but even more about the way to manage a clan. Simba and Doc did a great job of letting people do there thing and help without ego's. If I did anything right in Berserk they deserve credit but not the blame for the bad stuff. Thats all me and we know that.

10. I'm thankful for all the TM girls. Best Names. Most Fun. Love ya Girls.

Im sure theres more but im done for now. Thats something you're prolly thankful for lol. I put it in the forum cuz there's always drama in the feed. I figured something that i hope to be mostly positive should be in a more permanent place. in summation, GO FUCKING BERSERK...
MaiuRiedel 30th Nov 2013

Joined: 10th Jan 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 200
Likes 0

Oh, this topic looks good. Well, I'll add my two cents : ) I'm thankful for people I've met through this game. With some of them I can communicate even outside the territory of Twisted Metal, and It is true happiness to know them. Also, I'm happy to see all of you, even though I'm not playing TM anymore. It's still like sweet home, when you know everyone, even if you're not talking to them at all.
I'm thankful for this game which I enjoyed for a long time, even with those damn glitches and errors, nevertheless, this game is badass ; ) And I truly hope that someday, all of us will play another TM on PS4. Just imagi-ine.. how great it would be! Yeah.. kay, I said my gratitude.

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Razors pain you; rivers are damp; acids stain you; and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful; you might as well live.

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TheDoc [BSRK] 30th Nov 2013

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 650
Likes 0

I'm thankful for many things TM has brought me.

First off the game itself. I've Been playing this series since the beginning and was super pumped when I heard this was coming out. I didn't own a ps3 at the time but couldn't resist picking one up at that time. I've never played a competitive game before this one but I'm sure Happy I gave it a go.

Next as far as clans go I will say that bsrk is my favorite out of the several I've had the privilege to be a part of. However I'm very greatful to Sir crush for giving me a shot back in the 7D$ days. That was my first clan and I met some extremely cool people there. Same goes for all the other awesome people I've met along the way. I'D love to meet up with a few of you and chill.

Also thankful for this awesome site. After gfaqs died out it looked bleak for the community but jj and x deserve mad props for keeping us together. Thanks again guys.

Overall I guess I'm thankful for all the fun this game has brought me the past year and a half or so. Looking forward to much more. Happy holidays

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Go fucking berserk!

Kickazz 1st Dec 2013

Joined: 6th May 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 744
Likes 0

Meh, I'm too tired right now, I'll write my long ass thankfulness another time.
ohle13conquerer 4th Dec 2013

Joined: 6th Nov 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 538
Likes 0

I'm thankful for two beautiful girls age 3 and 5 this month. I'm also thankful for a family that always has my back no matter what, and lets me be me. I'm also thankful for a hot wife that treats me like a king.
KtK 1st Mar 2014

Joined: 4th Feb 2014
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 105
Likes 0

I'm thankful to:
-DaAnimal for the noob training and my first clan OPL.
-JohnHVACR for seeing my potential when I thought I had none.
-Jobjob for being honest and trustworthy, that means a lot man.
-Timmay for being a great friend. Still can't believe I was your first XD. Oh and for not fucking freeze-flamesawing me.
-Comm and Boston for forgiveness, and any other Berserkers that felt betrayed.
-MidnightMulligan for always making me laugh, cuz I needed that.
-Blasphemy for being so damn loyal and awesome. You been my team supporter.
-Magpie for talking with me, cuz I know you don't do that often.
-BlueVoltage for nothing. JK, for being nice to me and the inspiration. And for making me co-captain.
-Jcub, I'm a nice person but you witnessed my darkness every time we played, yet you said you respect me.
-David Jaffe for creating this game. He's nice I don't know why people feel he isn't. Don't blame him for game errors, there is more that must be done to ensure the game works properly.
-SIN, SYCO, H8ME, BSRK, BLUE, OPL all took me in.
-All that respected me and friends with no hard feelings.
-All the noobs who think I'm awesome when really I'm not.
-All haters for the envy, it feeds my darkness.
-This site, helps me talk more.

There's more in life I'm grateful for but it's too big of a list.
B [BSRK] 1st Mar 2014

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
Likes 1

that's a really good list...
Queen Berserk❥ [BSRK] 17th Apr 2014

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 730
Likes 0

Honestly, this is so long over due. But it's something that came to mind the other day and made me realize a lot of things. Plus twistedclans needs a little LOVE it's crazy how small my circle is now, but I still think you're all amazing. I know I've screwed up with a few people. I'm thankful for a lot of things but there are people that made this game possible for me and I Thank each and everyone of you:

All of BSRK- Seriously.. Youuuu guys are the bomb dot com. Clans to me were always boring and I always felt left out. But with you guys I actually feel like I belong. thank you for Being the best ever. B, Doc, OJ, Steve, Stink, Kzing, Beto, Midnight, much love to each and every single one of you. Feed fuck & go BERSERK.

Comm- I know you were waiting for this bahaha. You're a princess so you needed your own! You're amazing and you never let me down, that's for sure. Talking to you is never ever boring. I swear you're like my best friend and I can tell you anything. Oh and whatever happened in NY stays in NY LMAO! just kiddin, wuuuuv ya!

All of LYON- I always have fun with you guys, and thank you for giving me the nickname "la mami" XD! Whether were playing TM, or GTAV theyalways have a great time and make me laugh at 4 in the morning, especially when they pick on widow xD

Vadimony- Yeah, we've had our ups and down. But I wouldn't be where I am without his help. Hes helped me a lot, especially in VISA and he really is a good guy. Not gonna lie, I miss our 1 on 1 sessions and picking on him on mic.

Juanse- MY FAVORITE ARGENTINIAN! He's the biggest sweetheart, and I always enjoy talking to him in game and out. He's reminds me so much of back home. he always makes me smile

Kitty&Blade- Haven't seen you guys as much as I used too, or even talk to you guys as much, but I do miss you. LOL @ when me and kitty would talk about our boy problems. Always a blast with you guys, that's for sure! oxoxox to my fav couple.

Kickazz- wtf I miss this dude! He's my future brother in law, that is all.

JJ- I remember when I used to be down you'd always message me and put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for that. I remember you'd always make me laugh when I'd appear offline and you'd be like, I SEE YOU! I miss talking to you

I'm thankful for meeting all the wonderful people here and getting the chance to get to know you all. Thank you X & JJ for this site. there's so many much more and it'd go on forever. Some people I'm thankful I got to meet and always enjoy talking to are Smoke, Yaz, Jchub, Daru, Biscuits, NKR, And Blas. Thanks for taking the time to say hi to me when you see me online much love to the TM community xox
DaRuLer200 [=eX=] 17th Apr 2014

Joined: 8th Oct 2013
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 492
Likes 0

I'm thankful for meeting 70 percent of you guys, and all of you guys were the best I played in a "video game" it's amazing that it's a small community, but we treat eachother like if we are in the same block/city. I would love to meet the people that I talked to and played with because it'll be legit playing together and calling them names in person ahah, anywho...
Juanse- we had are ups and downs and when we made it in eX we felt badass lol but it's good that we are friends again, and thanks for cheering me up when I get pist about my skill.
Jcub- haha oh man where to start.... Jcub you're a badass friend dude, you can say little shit to start a avalanche with me lol. But the think that what makes you a badass player is , you read my skills like a book, and you and luiso motivated me to do better and I listen to you guys , and here I go killing people and avoiding deaths thanks for changing my play style bro!
Ryan j- your a awesome player for a little teen, you can wupp 60 percent of this communities ass. Back then you would run away and ragequit... But Now you stay and fuck up the player that annoys you the most! Stay brutal yo!
SIN- ahh all you muthafuckers are my bros! You guys make me feel comfortable like if I'm talking to my real friends lol anywho you guys are the best we have legit rooms and teamwork I fucking missed SIN thank god it's back! My main bros arch, blas, psycho, see no evil. You fuckers are the best man! And my other legit crowd "spoof!, Z_senoj, trifeylo, ktk, roaddoggy dogg!! And the rest of my SIN foos!
LYON- Aldo is a good friend he's pretty chill I don't know why some people hate him he's a chill guy and golp, No sé qué sucedió a nosotros me uno a un clan y ustedes sólo me odiaba I GTaV incluso jugado con ustedes y de vuelta me apuñalaron así? Extraño, pero honestamente ehh ustedes fueron amigos frescos.
For my freaks! I enjoyed playing with "john,coldhand,Mihyaz,muddy,gorejess,comm,Chris "both of them" larebear
And my nigga
Mephesto mephesto!!! Meph this fucker always making me wanna kill him in the game xD but I gotta say me and you hold the bar we both fight crazy ass fuck! I love when you say I'm a "lame" it just makes me wanna kill you more xD
If I missing anybody else that were cool you know who you are yo!!
KtK 17th Apr 2014

Joined: 4th Feb 2014
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 105
Likes 0

I see my name there...thanks. I hardly see you anymore.
DaRuLer200 [=eX=] 17th Apr 2014

Joined: 8th Oct 2013
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 492
Likes 0

Cuz you jam when I come effer lol chill with me n blas we get brutal on 1vs1
King Berserk [BSRK] 18th Apr 2014

Joined: 1st Dec 2012
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 2858
Likes 2

i love you too baby n dont worry i diddnt tell no one and ittle stay like that untill i feel like it mmkay? good girl. as for my thankful list theres really not much, a few of the bsrk guys maye one or two of you Tc bitches max. though i am truly thankful for my wifey thats for sure. so thanks blade and thanks vad. and thanks meg on some level

“Believe nothing you hear
and only half of what you see.”

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B [BSRK] 18th Apr 2014

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
Likes 1

I'm thankful this is still relevant.
UnstableSally [BSRK] 18th Apr 2014

Joined: 22nd Sep 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 18
Likes 0

What I'm thankful for:
Antidepressants, that shit's gooooood.
BladeAngel7 [=eX=] 18th Apr 2014

Joined: 5th Dec 2012
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 2309
Likes 1

Since this is being here I guess I'll give mine...
Ahem all you guys and girls are too fucking awesome! Haha I've had great times with all of you. What I give thanks for are these reasons/people
Jcub- dude best friend on psn! Our stupid lil conversations that we have and our sponge bob references xD god bro best shit ever man! Great dude been through a lot and still manages to kick ass (even though Kitty kicked yours in that RK battle she told me ;D) lol yeah bro best bro
Ruler- This motherfucker living in my state FUCK CA lol I'm kidding but dude funny shit between me and you I still want my cheese >.> and yoshi
Comm- ahh commy my boy your conscience has departed for some time but hasn't disappeared yet and you are welcome btw for whatever the fuck I did lol
JJ- man idk where to begin with you but creating those eX skins goddamn! Sickass designs
Luiso&Mihyaz- FUCKER!!! NIQQA!!! You bastards been friends with these fuckers since the foundation of FeAr xD still am you 2 badass people haha PUNCAKE!!!!
Juanse- you sir are a great player glad to have ya
King B- your highness ^_^7
Jess- >.> idk where to begin with you but my god lol Ever since your lol girl talks between you and her I can hardly understand what the fuck you talk about with her lol but she misses ya a lot and hopes to return on TM soon sadly enough she's inactive right now, won't go into details but yeah she'll return she misses you a lot
Meph- this guy xD lol glad I know you haha
There's more that I'd like to add but for now I'll just leave it, some of the best things in life are meant to be kept hidden haha anyways all of you, thanks to everyone. Oh shit I forgot one more
Kitty- yes I know I can say this in person but situations get in the way so I'm thankful for you for many reasons...words can't describe of what I feel inside for you...more importantly of the question you asked and my answer to you...finding something that didn't exist? Love didn't exist till I met you.. that response was what got us here in the first you Kitty I'm by your side till the end
Ok that's my thanks lol enjoy if too corny? Don't care I said what I said haha laters
- Blade/Teddy

I have the instincts to end your miserable life...but I have the heart to spare you..

Mihyaz05 [muse] 18th Apr 2014

Joined: 17th Dec 2012
Rank: MUSE
Posts: 844
Likes 0

I want to write too with my bad english but anyways..

Firstly im thankful for P0RN/FeAr. Luiso and Blade you guys are rock no doubt. Espically you PUHCAKE! You are the funniest fhuker that i ever met! LEEROY JENKINS with RapeTrain lol

Jacob- Do whatever you want man. You are true friend! and such a good person. Our mic chat moments.. lol i ll never forget. 31 xD

eX - Yeah i can easily tell that i have never betrayed them. I had my best year with them. Craziest clan ever in the TM! Sending only space during the TM chat with Campoy, snooochie boochies, maaaaaan and of course the LAMO

Trollieez!! - Dude i remember when this site created and we were making drama like a fuck. Every minute every hour talking shit each other LOL. But i realized that you are a great person and reaper haha. you have a good humor  also thanks again for the headset!

Cor and DoublePenalty- These fhukers are insane! I spend my all time with skype chat with them LOL( i got my ass kicked by DP on marvel vs capcom :/ ) but Cor you know man i love you no homo xD you know my all secrets and i know yours too  flying bab du dutchman jawah!

larebear- i know you are hiding somewhere but you promised bitch! You had to learn Turkish and talk with me.. We were talking about everything. seriously everything lol. I hope you are doing good..

maiu- GIRL, EAT THAT DAMN BACON! yes you are the first gamer girl i ve ever seen. Glad we are friends you have such a good personality..

muse- im very happy to be with you guys! its really fun and talk with y'all  

I'm thankful for meeting all the great people here. I had good moments with Jess(askim)lol, Ruler, Mustafa, Smoke, Mephesto, EternalFox, JJ, X , megan and boston..
You will not be forgotten!

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                    \ \ \ Spectre///

B [BSRK] 23rd Apr 2014

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
Likes 1

Dude your English was a hell of a lot better than my Turkish. (googles Turkish really) Well written much love.
Rock-Fist-Lee 23rd Apr 2014

Joined: 24th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 474
Likes 5

Thankful i had the game in Australia the day it was released it got i for free because of the big psn crash from a secret facebook page, i heard a twisted metal was coming out on ps3 it was the only reason i bought one, had to sell my holden sandman to afford it at the time hard time selling it for what i paid.

Having a name that is so Chuck Norris.

Joining Sin

good memory's of shit i pulled off and shit that happened that are hard to explain.

My most memorable moments

Everyones at the pillar where the cinema film roll bounces into in sunsprings i fire two roadboat specials from the gas station with the powermissile they both bounce and do 150 locked on, my attachee with my remote flies up the pillar an i explode it and he comes down and the pillar kills him falling ontop of him and he rage quits soon after. It was carnage.

in kama only having a powermissile and special, jumping and with alt charged and firing both mid air on an opponent for a kill, Its da bomb.

Landing on players with no health, Hating jcub for always shielding it. Loling and landing on jcub and dumping a super mine.

Riding on juggs with roadkill you can get on him fire your zoomys and they go no where hitting jugg. Riding on a jugg in shadow and firing coffins.

Sweettooth stuck in shit with his head sticking out.

Chasing my remote with alt gurney.

I emailed eat sleep play a quite few times about the leader-board mess. I tweeted jaffe it was eventualy fixed. After that i battled my way to 7th but since dropped back to 20 since i played Final Fantasy14 with Sir Crush Lord envy and aThaiFighter and spent 8+ hours a day on it,. most memorable moment was doing a dungeon with the three of them as my Thaumaturge i probably would be still playing it if crush was.

A player sent me some really hateful messages about the leaderboard, i reported the messages, he verbally abused me during games over the mic and did nothing but only attack me. I think he was banned because not long after he never returned, he was in the the top ten.

same thing happened in magic 2014

Also thankful i got to listen to FishGreaseMazon on the mic he is a great team leader.

http://cdn.iclanwebsites. ... le1356353523usxj.jpg

bout all i can think ov.
Not_A_Real_TrollSite Troll 23rd Apr 2014

Joined: 6th Mar 2014
Rank: Troll
Posts: 770
Likes 0

Yeaaa buddy! Yaz you the fuckin man. It was my pleasure hooking you up, I'm glad I did cause you deserve it.
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