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what happens now part deux, the revenge of the now
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aVeryAngryKitten 12th Feb 2013

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I'm writing this while standing in line at Toys 'R' Us so I apologize for any mistakes this may have.....and if you must know, I'm at this store because topps trading cards reissued Garbage Pail Kids today in the original packs, complete with shitty tasting gum, so I've come here to pick up a piece of my the dead of night to save myself from the embarrassment of buying GPKids cards(don't judge me, at least they aren't winx)
Since our last meeting I've done a few things so as to get the ball rolling on my end. From the sites standpoint I've started to place links on every sociable link site I can find. The only problem with this is that while it may be awesome to all of us, it may not be awesome to everybody else, especially to those that have absolutely no idea what Twisted Metal is.
Now, I'm certainly not saying that anything about this site needs to change, what I'm suggesting is that attention should be given to what the site has the potential to become. Ill leave it at this.....this website, especially now that it is a bought domain and not a piggyback to a host, is the best chance to generate buzz, interest and new players to all things tm.....
As for what happens now....I've started contacting editors of a few gaming mags and sites, with even more being contacted throughout the week. Since I don't want to sound like some lone fanatic, I need people to seriously start to try and do the same. The only way anyone will even begin to see a story here is if enough people let their voices be heard. If you piece it together for them right then they would be crazy not to take this story. Ill break it down for you....
1. Sonys closing announcment at the 2010 gaming show is that they are releasing TM. This is important simply because it was the closing announcment, and because its the first tm in ten years, their longest running franchise.
2. After two delays tm is rushed to a valentine release.
3. Positive reviews, decent sales aside, the company that makes the game folds.
4. Problems online causes many people to either quit the game or sell it within the 1st week of release.
5. It is announced their will be no dlc whatsoever, practically unheard of for a modern game. David jaffes twitter blows up.
6. Most give the online a death date of April if nothing is done about the online.
7. Petition after petition pop up for dlc.
8. Kitten joins the clan D.C.
9. Summer comes and people still play, but it dwindles by the day. Many hope for either a price change to attract new ppl or it be sold online. Neither happen.
10. Kitten leaves D.C., many people fear the games end.
11. Fall and winter sees game still surprisingly strong.
12. Players hatred for talon reaches a boiling point.
13. This site and the coming together of the community is viewed as an online version of the burrning man festival, jobjob runs naked through a forest after taking to much acid.

So that's it, if you don't see the story here then you're crazy. Spun in the right way, its a very interesting tale. Why did sony have hopes, only to abandon and forget about us? What really happened to eatsleepplay? Finally, what's the future of tm and this community?
Just a start from my end.....
I got more but will save it for later....
(I just realized I never posted this earlier. I checked my phone and there it was unposted.....silly me. )
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