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aVeryAngryKitten 10th Feb 2013

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Because that little comment box in the activity feed is to small for what I've got to say......and bare with me, I'm away from my computer so this is all being written from my phone......
The troll with aidz brought up the topic of having everyone start a campaign to try and get some much needed dlc or fixes within the game. As we all know, this would not be the first time we've tried to do this. Contacting sony executives, yelling at David Jaffe on twitter to starting a Quickstarter campaign and signing endless petition after petition, its all been done, so what could we do this time that's different?
Relevency is a big factor in getting what we need. We have to remind people that this game is still alive. The fact that we are all here a year later when most people didn't give the game a few months to live, means something in my book.
Add this with how great the community is, I mean come'on, there are not to many sites like this one out there for other games and if there are then they are usually done on a corporate level. This one is completely done by the players, for the players, from just a question brought up by jobjob on gamefaqs asking if anyone would be interested to what this site has become is actually quite impressive.
I bring all this up because this is where I think it should all start, let me explain. Awhile back the magazine GameInformer was going to do an article on what exactly went wrong with Twisted Metal but it was scrapped because of a lack of interest. Despite the positive reviews, decent sales and still a somewhat large(at the time) online amount of players, the magazine thought that no one would care by the time their next issue rolled.
In order for this to work we would have to let people know we are still alive.
First, we would have to contact any and every gaming site and magazine there is and explain what has happened, what we have been through, how we have felt cheated and finally, what has become of it. This would be more than just a gaming article for them, it would also be a human interest story about the little guy fighting the greedy corporation and overcoming all.
The only way for us to even hope to change things and make a difference is for this game to be written about again. Sony would have to be shown, not by us, the stupid little gamers who don't really matter, but by the gaming media, who can make or break them.
I know that everything I'm saying is kinda laying it on a little thick in terms of its importance but its honestly the only way it'll work.
So that's where I think we should start. If people are serious in trying then the first thing you do is help contact and get the word out about us.
I have more to say but I hate hate hate writing from my phone. Sorry if some didn't make sense, after a certain point of writing from my phone on this site, it stops scrolling down so I can see what I'm writing. So all of this is being written blind....impressive isn't it?
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