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What holds clan FeAr up ahead????
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wiiguy_7 ™ 15th May 2013

Joined: 9th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 245
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:: pushes mihyaz05:: give me that microphone!!! taps taps 1 2 3, testing testing. ok here it is. im wiiguy_7 currently FeArs new clan leader ( wasnt asking for the position) but y'all know how that goes. lets start with, yes wii know that FeAr, wait, lets just say that every tm player has seen our roster and members ( which DO include a variety of players) <---- lets just put it that way, but you know what im talking about, hence why we get the variable feedback to the clan or individual clan members, also excuse my english grammar it aint the best but taught about it putting up first but oh well. Next, i'm contacting our remaining members that wii have, to check on their status and availability for we can practice. let me say this as well some of our members have not been on for awhile but i sent them a pm about their taughts and concerns. they might have personal issues or simply their ps3 busted, u just never know but i can just say ill just boot it cuz his never online. but as for clan battles or scrimmages, please pm here or psn its the same wiiguy_7. wii can do some 2 v 2 or whatever. Wii promise that wii be more active but if y'all interested on fighting us, please have some wii patience, like i say with a variety of members that in our clan its tough but will make the most of them since im still waiting on a response from them and wii feel bad if wii boots them without hearing them. Moreover, as FeAr rounds up its main Wii FeAr Horsemen i shall make another updated post for our available times. ehhh wii thinks dats all i got for now ::evilg:: finally i do take wii pride for being part of this clan, cuz this is like the first game/ online competitive that i had and its hard to break away from lol y'all might c me playing diferent games but i still come back for the most part wit my some wat wii tinie tiny skills to play cuz wii gets whooped on the other online games. lol

FeAr lives and shall not be forgoten!!!!

:: gets on wii horse:: onward FeAr horsemen!!!!! wii whips!!!

................ falls wiiguy_7 down the road "wii ok, wii got wiisurance" lol

taughts and comments below please, and if y0u made it this far let me know how all my wii nonsense made sense if it did.....( i know if was a bunch of wii blah blah blah) but now wii got it out of my chest. lol

twisted metal!!!

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BladeAngel7 [=eX=] 15th May 2013

Joined: 5th Dec 2012
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 2309
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Touching story about how you're new leader I laughed when you pushed Mihyaz hahaha XD anyways wii, you have alot of potential and courage of keeping FeAr alive I thought that after I left that most members wouldn't be active from what I've read you are recruiting players to join FeAr which is awesome in my opinion! this is great wii you're keeping the name of FeAr alive that went from being a Talon Only clan to a legit clan that'll live on TM for the rest of days to come ::stands his blade on the ground:: I support you in this idea

I have the instincts to end your miserable life...but I have the heart to spare you..

Mihyaz05 [muse] 15th May 2013

Joined: 17th Dec 2012
Rank: MUSE
Posts: 844
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hahaha lol wii interested good luck with that bro

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