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Why You Should Keep Playing
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B [BSRK] 22nd Jan 2013

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
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I've saw a lot of people leaving, thinking about leaving, lately and you shouldn't. We've been here a year which is more than most thought would happen in the begining with all the errors and other shit. How long you think we need to stick around to get a new game made? 2 maybe 3 years. TMA played at least a small part in getting this game made and we are way cooler than them. They were in the credits of this game. Which brings me to my next question.

Has anyone tweeted Jaffe to tell him this place exists? I would but he either blocked me or just ignores me. Truth hurts at times I guess but overall i like Jaffe. It takes balls to portray yourself as the pope even in a video game. He should know about this place.

How often do you get a chance to be part of a group who gets a big company to do anything? There has to be a point that Sony notices were still playing. This game is like a million times better than that COD crap everyone plays. Maybe by the time the sequel comes out the rest of the world will realize it. So please stay......

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»ℳℜ.Ɗ๑๑ℳ 22nd Jan 2013

Joined: 10th Jun 2014
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 215
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Stop it guys, this TMA or Twistedclans thing should never be talked about again, JobJob added a link that redirects to TMA, and Mortimer said on TMA that we should post links and stuff on TMA about twistedclans to bring more players to it, so the game gets more players. if the two guys who made both sites are okay with each other why should we make troubles? both sites are supporting Twisted Metal and both are aiming for a bigger community, isn't that what we all want? stop making fights about small things.

This isn't about TMA or TwistedClans, this is about Twisted Metal.
and you can't compare TwistedClans with TMA, TMA is the original fansite of TM that existed for a long time supporting Twisted Metal, that's why it's in the credits and there is a trophy named after it. it's about all TM games fans, and TwistedClans is more about TMX. BOTH OF THEM ARE IMPORTANT TO TM COMMUNITY. Twisted Metal Alliance, and Twisted Clans. the names should tell everything.

I went on this thread because i liked the title and thought it was actually about TM, it's more about sites and reaching out so you can be seen, really?

I agree on one thing, TM is better than CoD, but to us, you can't compare car-combat to a shooter game, like saying Mario is better than Final Fantasy.
it's all a fan opinion.

I've been a TM fan since the day i played Videogames. and i will support TwistedClans and TMA for as long as they exist,they both matter to me and i'm thankful for JobJob and Mortimer for these amazing sites that connects us TM Fans.
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justbroke 15th May 2013

Joined: 13th May 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 87
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Dammit... No Like button?

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Below me

SirCrush 15th May 2013

Joined: 30th Nov 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 201
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QuoteDammit... No Like button?
It's at the top, above the actual post lol

Whether or not this community or TMA expands depends only on peoples' interest to become a part of it/them. Exposure is a great asset in making that happen. Rumor has it that TM is a dead franchise. ESP own the rights to it (I think) so it;s really up to them what happens regarding future games. For now, this community and TMA are basically it. All games die and very few of their communities live on...hopefully this site is a testament to that and we see a sequel or re-imagining sooner rather than later. It sucks that our world is filled with capitalist greed that says "only making a couple million" on a game isn't enough to follow it up. They'd rather try to leech whatever the popular thing is instead of giving a real GREAT game the attention that it deserves. I still think if more people PLAYED Twisted Metal, they'd falll in love. But all the cool kids are talking about CoD Ghosts at lunch and the watercooler. Just keeping this game alive is a small victory toward an expanded future.

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