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Gas Guzzlers Extreme!
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ReclaimJoey 20th Oct 2013

Joined: 29th May 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 19
Likes 0

Has anyone checked out this game on PC? It looks great. I'm thinking about buying it. It's only $24.99 right now. Here's a gameplay trailer ... tch?v=1jRcYY3c344
B [BSRK] 20th Oct 2013

Joined: 18th Jan 2014
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 3029
Likes 1

this looks about a million times more appealing than GTA. i've never done any gaming on a computer but i'd get this right now if a few people i knew played. may get it anyway.
X-PloytAdmin 20th Oct 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2012
Rank: Admin
Posts: 1846
Likes 29

Rock-Fist-Lee mentioned this game a couple months ago.

http://www.twistedclans.c ... ion-the-gameplay-2pu

Just an overpriced lackluster racing game.

I'd probably pay ten dollars to play it, if it didn't look boring to play.

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Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » Off-Topic Chatter
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