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Scary movies (ooooooo)
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King Berserk [BSRK] 25th Dec 2012

Joined: 1st Dec 2012
Rank: Berserkers
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since its xmas season i thought id ask you guys something xmasy whats the best scary movie you've seen, ya know as a conversation starter.

Coolest scary movie ive seen- Jeepers Creepers 2. if you have seen it, then you know why.

Scaryist scary movie- insideous. face it, most scary movies arent scary but this one kept me up at night. its creepy as hell!

Scaring scary movie that gave me nightmares- Night mare on elm street (first one). why? because i was 4 when i saw it!

what about you? what are your picks?
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Spooff 14th Jun 2013

Joined: 20th Dec 2012
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 143
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Best Horror movie hands down is House of a 1000 corpse and the follow up to that, devils rejects was kick ass too!! The strangers is a movie that will get you thinking too, cause that shit could happen to us all. Halloween and Michael Myers was the one to give me Nightmares, but now that im older I think I could take Mike.. lol

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