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Those who think tm servers are down for good
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blackfiredm [CTK] 7th Aug 2014

Joined: 4th May 2013
Rank: CTK
Posts: 77
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thats false. tm is still alive, rooms were up when i was on 10 minutes ago.

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Jcub95 [=eX=] 7th Aug 2014

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
Rank: eXodus
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When YOU were online. I had a whole 20 player group in a text chat last night just talking about old times & none of them could log In. This morning around 5:00 EST they randomly popped up again & I could use my main account,. Everyone was N/A but we played some games with TMA. Later on they went down, It's been fluctuating betwen offline & online since last night 8:00 PM GMT.

The reason Is apperantly due to linking their servers with PS4's Playstation Now service. A Service that Is basically trying to comepnsate for lack of backwards compatibillity. There's a fee though, oh goodie. It's In BETA form as of now.

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Makaveli_Don200 7th Aug 2014

Joined: 7th Aug 2014
Rank: TC Member
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It works! Now we can be lowlives again
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