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Site guide for newbies
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King Berserk [BSRK] 22nd Apr 2013

Joined: 1st Dec 2012
Rank: Berserkers
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Well first off welcome to or TCTK. this is sorta like a guide so you can get to know the site and its' people. I advise clicking the bottom vid while reading.

The Event calander

http://www.twistedclans.t ... k/events - Every now and then a player will set up for an event in-game. This is where they let people know.

--got an idea for your own event and want to let people know? submit your event here http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/form/82

http://www.twistedclans.t ... k/activity - the main source of everythingness. if you're going to book mark anything, book mark the activity feed.

The Forums
http://www.twistedclans.t ... k/forum - For when you wanna speak about the game, like serious Issues, Strategies, ect.

Clan Roster - Take a look at all the clans registered at the site.


http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/page/recruit - Ok this is my favorite feature on the site. Submit your info in sort of like a clan resume for all the clans to see who you are and what you got. If your the leader of a clan and want some new blood then tell them what your clans all about!

http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/form/101 - Have you changed clans, disbanded your own or just gone clanless? Well update your clan stat here

The Twisted Wiki
http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/page/wiki - The most useful part of the site. its the holy grail of twisted metal 2012 knowledge. Knowledge is power, and power kills

http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/page/vehiclewiki - Need to kow the exact health of a car or its exact speed? or are you just looking for a car to main? the this is where you'll get the info

http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/page/fire - Did you know that you can get swarmers to do 70dmg? or that you can get 60dmg out of a shotgun? get all the secrets that the community discovered here along with all the weapons exact dmg and homing.

------Joining games
http://www.twistedclans.c ... om/page/joiningame - cant get in a game or get people to join your lobbys? your prayers are answered
The video version

http://www.twistedclans.c ... m/page/tipsandtricks - some wakky tm tricks

yeah this vid


TWISTED METAL MERCHANDISE - http://www.twistedclans.c ... etal-merchandise-ct3

TWISTED METAL YOUTUBE CHANNELS - http://www.twistedclans.c ... youtube-channels-ppe

The rules of reaper hockey - http://www.twistedclans.c ... ules-5er/getpage/1#1

“Believe nothing you hear
and only half of what you see.”

Last Edit: 18th Nov 2013 by X-Ployt
Forum » Support » Help Locked
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