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X-PloytAdmin 21st Mar 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2012
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State of twisted Metal Multiplayer Online

Do you ever load Twisted Metal on your PS3 and have to deal with
::finger:: • Waiting for lobbies to fill up?
::finger:: • Playing against other players who don't match your caliber?
::finger:: • Players who go out of their way to abuse every exploit/glitch/broken game-mechanic to win?
::finger:: • Unbalanced teams?
::finger:: • AFK(Away from Keyboard) hosts?
::finger:: • Having no fun and not feeling challenged?
::finger:: • Having your time wasted?


At , I am proposing that we look at Twisted Metal in a new light as it concerns playing the game.

Face it if you haven't already. Twisted Metal is broken beyond repair.

New players not looking past the errors, not having the attention span or the desire to get better, not having the patience to wait for a room to fill up, or simply can't even play multiplayer because their game came with an expired online pass - It's a no-brainer why the community is growing smaller, and the game grows less fun to play as time goes on.

Twisted Metal undoubtedly, is all about the community. Without us, this game will not survive much longer. And I add, to address the bad apples who are not willing to give up their ego for the sake of being able to have one, just know you are a legitimate reason why people have and will turn away from this game. Your like-minded ego-driven "falsely misunderstood" personas transcend in and out of the game in the same obvious and foolish manner - easy to spot like a sore thumb - who truly deserve no recognition nor to be addressed, as far as Twisted Metal goes anyways.

Getting back on track, I seen a post by Archminion(Admin at Don't really know anything from his background, but he definitely has ties to Twisted Metal - He posted (I believe it was at that for Sony to keep the game's online server up and running, there would need to be a minimum of 200 players online weekly.

200 Players online weekly to keep Twisted Metal multiplayer alive - That's really important to know!

So, what's left for us at this juncture? We are, because each moment in time a player shrugs off Twisted Metal completely because they can't play it the way they'd like is the moment the game gets closer to death..

Yes the game has many problems, but we could overlook alot of them if the fun factor was back where it should be; Through the roof.

Reviving Twisted Metal through organized events

Using the event's not perfect, but if people actually like playing Twisted Metal, and want to play it in the future, then we should figure out now how we can play the game, at least occasionally, to keep it alive, and still have our fun while doing so.

By using the event system, you can post specific details about when you want to play, gametype, rules, and much more about an event - players can check the event out, and if they are interested they will click "attend" and you as the event poster would host a game with the proper setup at the specified time for the players to arrive at.

Now I'm going to bring up the negative aspect to the events -And It comes down to the event poster following through with an event, as well as a player clicking the "attend" button and actually making that agreement unofficially that they will follow through and attend the event/game - I will soon make my own personal event system and guidelines that I believe will appeal to most of you, especially when I personally have it within my power to do events the way I do it being an admin, but if you understand my point of view and jump on the bandwagon, you can pretty much do the same thing I'm doing with a little bit of assistance.
We are a community - It's time we start acting like one. This is YOUR SITE. This is MY SITE. This is OUR SITE. At it's core, it really isn't about clan tags or liking posts, and it really isn't about sharing pictures and videos. Don't abuse the privilege to be here; take advantage of it. The site itself hasn't made our message clear yet, and I am partial to blame, but that time will come soon.

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LORD-IMPERIAL [dMv] 25th Mar 2013

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