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MotorGun Introduction
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Are you ready for the next-gen vehicular combat game, even if it's not TM?

"What's this 'TM' you speak of?"
"Not really."
"I'm done with these types of games!!!"
"Hell Yeah! Can't Wait!"
"Ahhhhh! I'm throwing my money at the screen right now, and nothing's happening!!!"

X-PloytAdmin 14th Jul 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2012
Rank: Admin
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A couple months ago, SirCrush mentioned the topic of a next-gen vehicular combat game. Some notable sites reported that David Jaffe was working on another car-combat game; that's partially true, but not at face value. He is on the creative board for Pixelbionic's newly titled "MotorGun", which was previously entitled "Auto Duel", with their target release date set for October 2014.

There isn't too many details about the game right now, but the Kickstarter project is suppose to go up in a few days. The developer is taking suggestions right now about rewards for each "donation tier"

A member from game developer Pixelbionic has made their way to this site, most likely because of Rock-Fist-Lee's post in their forum about our site here: <-----------This is the forum for the game. Pixelbionic would like your feedback about the donation tier rewards here.

Thanks Rock!

Here is the MotorGun Facebook page:

I highly doubt Pixelbionic will be sharing any details or updates here at our site (my gut says no), however, I would like to think you will show this person the respect they deserve, much like anyone else here.

With that being said, if you are reading this Pixelbionic, I can say without a doubt this community would love another car-combat game(most of us anyways), and you are very much welcomed here!

Feel free to head over to the Pixelbionic forums and share your thoughts, and feel free to share them with the Twisted Clans community here("here" meaning in our MortorGun forum).

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Last Edit: 20th Jul 2013 by X-Ployt
Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » MotorGun Locked
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