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MotorGun Q&A list/compilation
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X-PloytAdmin 15th Jul 2013

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So far, this is a list I gathered of our members' questions about the game, and Pixelbionic's responses to them.

>Which car combat game would you say closest resembles MotorGun?

We see MotorGun as a cross between Mad Max and World of Tanks.

Mad Max for the theme and World of Tanks for the playstyle. Quick team based matches and a large tech tree between matches. One big difference, we'll have a much more complex customization system then WoT. MUCH.

>what elements are you going to take from tmx?

This isn't a sequel of TM and we aren't the TM team, so i wouldn't make that direct comparison. This is a new kind of car combat game that is totally different then all others before it. We do have Dave and Zack helping us, so we have great deal of car combat expertise in one place!

>what price range are we looking at? The lowest reward on the KS is $20, check out a list of our reward tiers here:

>who are the big names working on it? will there be characters or just cars?

You'll see some of the big names when the KS campaign launches on Tuesday and there are some BIG names. Right now the game is just cars, no characters.

>do the customs affect the cars stats? if so how do you intend to balance them?

MG is all about customization. You will be able to change everything on your car. Some changes will be self balancing like heavy armor will make you more resistant to damage, but will slow you down.

But this isn't a "balanced game" in the sense that every car is meant to be balanced against every other. Look at WoT, a T10 tank isn't balanced against a T2 tank, but the teams are balanced and thats what we'll be doing.

>how can i donate without a credit card?

We'll have a pay pal page set up also.

>destructible environments?

We havent talked about this yet.

>flying vehicles? are you going to try underground vehicles? (if balanced right both would be very inovative and cool)

No, both of those are not planned right now.

Regarding testing/post-launch support:

Be ready to fix any major issues very quickly at release and stay to fix issues that come up in the long term. Many felt abandoned by the devs. A good example is airborne mega guns that had insane homing. Yes it got fixed but it took way to long. I'd have to imagine a lot of people abandoned the game because of this. It needed to be fixed first week and really should've been noticed prior to launch.

I'll respond to this before I go back to working on the KS page.

You'll see on the rewards I posted on our forum that we plan to have players playing with us from day one, and then an alpha test and then finally a larger beta test with lots of players. This will give us plenty of time to do lots of balance and make sure we work out all the issues. Then after the game ships we plan to do updates every week. We'll be adding new cars, new Battlegrounds, new parts, and all kinds of new features for months. This is why you should all be happy that we're launching on pc first, unlike a console game we have a lot more flexibility to tune a pc game and release new content.

Regarding Supported Platforms:

PC/Mac and yeah I'd say that based on what I've seen about the PS4, its probably pretty likly that we'll do a PS4 version in the future.

Honestly it depends on how well the kickstart campaign goes. If we get more money, then a console version is more likely.

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