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TM Roots with Branches
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X-PloytAdmin 20th Jul 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2012
Rank: Admin
Posts: 1846
Likes 29

Twisted Metal: Crazy vehicles, "zany" specials, freakshows often driven by their own twisted desires to win a contest by destroying the other contestants in car demolition, in a plot of all things wicked to the soundtrack of heavy metal - It's epic. It all fits together very well. It's very unique, creative, and speaks to many, including myself. I for one love Twisted Metal, and it will always have a special place in my heart, as it is the first game of it's self-made genre that I have ever played.

While it is unfortunate for me to say this, I haven't played every TM game, but I can tell you, from PS One to PS3, the experience has always been an awesome one - and as broken and limited as the TMX is with its' lack of support, it will still be unforgettable - on par with the players of the community as well, on top of the ones who have mastered vehicles and whose playstyles cannot be replicated - and while I will always look forward to a new TM, it makes me look to the future for more vehicular combat games that can handle what TMX has brought us.

At the end of the day for me, TMX has gotten me excited more than ever for vehicular combat, and although it is perhaps the pioneer, the originator of 3-D vehicular combat, I will not turn down a new game in the genre that can use what ACTUALLY makes Twisted Metal X the best in it's category - The core gameplay mechanics - Bringing Individuality to players through their own likeness to particular vehicles' performance/stats and/or their unique specials that comes with them(as well as skin customization), the various weapon physics and targeting characteristics, the overall balance via vehicle stats, performing counterattacks through use of certain weapons, and the strategies culminated by these mechanics collectively as a team to overcome the opposition by the competitive nature of this game. Without the core gameplay, I feel the community of this game would have dwindled down sooner and faster than it already had.

Here's something to think about: If you were to support a new game that was a blockbuster hit and was actually fun, don't you think there would be more incentive for a dev, perhaps an older dev with experience to compete against it within the genre?

In conclusion: Because I am a fan of vehicular combat in general, I for one will not fall into a non-TM bias over new games of the genre TM would sit with simply because of the special appeal it brings, while still being a very unique and visionary-driven franchise and despite TMX being the best vehicular combat game to-date.

This is all of course my opinion, and mine only, as I do not speak for anyone else here at Twisted Clans, as I am just a gamer, a big fan/player of TM, a fan of car combat, and an admin on site, which is absolutely, positively, not to be construed with being a "voice of the community"(just throwing that out there if that needs to be addressed), as I am certain I hold different values as it pertains to why I'm here.

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Last Edit: 21st Jul 2013 by X-Ployt
Jcub95 [=eX=] 20th Jul 2013

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
Rank: eXodus
Posts: 45
Likes 1

Great post! I have to agree with basically everything you said. I'm stoked for the Car-Combat future, and vehicular warfare has always been one of the coolest concepts to me. I know TM is Car-Combat's brain child, but that doesn't mean It has to be the only representitive of the genre. It is a niche genre, afterall. And I for one am STOKED for MotorGun. On this browser I am prevented from viewing the other two videos on PB's site. But from what I've seen/heard, I will be interested in this for a long while to come.

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~Drive To Kill, Dying To Drive. Live To Drive, Ride To Rise. Roll Over Their Skulls, Never Stop The Ride. Live To Rise, To Fight For Your Drive~

holwad 13th Oct 2013

Joined: 11th Oct 2013
Rank: TC Member
Posts: 7
Likes 0

An enjoyable read.

As sort of a newbie to the new Twisted Metal (though I am a huge fan of the franchise - now owning this game completes my collection) I am still shocked with the lack of quantity the online play for this game has. I don't understand it. It is one of the best all around made games I have ever played, yet the number of players per hour on this game is absolutely weak all things considered. I guess I was expecting the entire Twisted Metal cult to bubble up and thrive on this title's online capabilities.

I do not protest against new car-combat games. It would be at the least very refreshing. The thing is is that in the past none have been as good as Twisted Metal.

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King Berserk [BSRK] 14th Oct 2013

Joined: 1st Dec 2012
Rank: Berserkers
Posts: 2858
Likes 2

what ever happened to motorgun?

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Forum » Twisted Clans Dashboard » MotorGun
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