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Timmay's DM Invitational - 8/11/13 @ 8 PM EST
8:00 PM Sun 11th Aug 2013 - 10:00 PM Sun 11th Aug 2013(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Posted by:  timmay311

Timmay's Death Match -Open Lobby

Sunday, August 11th @ 8 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Gametype(s): TDM

Use of Juggernaut/Talon: Talon Allowed

Max player count:  14

Event Details: 

death match tournament

1 game on each map

winner will b determined by score

twisted metal themed prizes!

1st place - 1 axle rc car

2nd place -1 sweet tooth rc car

3rd place - 1 twisted metal beer stein

assist master (not any of the 3 top places) 1 twisted metal poster

now for the boring stuff - first 14 people to register have a spot - i will then allow alternates to be scheduled  if someone doesnt show up then the 1st alternate gets in and so forth.

do not sign up if ur not gonna show or play all games

your address will be required for me to ship these things to you - so if u dont agree to this then dont sign up - i wont use your address for any reason that to ship u your winnings - and yes i will ship anywhere - thats part of the prize - mexico -australia wherever

last requirement - HAVE FUCKING FUN!

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1st Aug 2013
WTF? I want to play... I dint get to play last time cuz it was on a saturday
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31st Jul 2013
got the last spot! you know what they say... save the best for last
30th Jul 2013
Oh snap lets do this
29th Jul 2013
Wii is soo attending this, wii got the sweet tooth rc already just for the axel one.... oh yeah
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27th Jul 2013
timmay311, your event has been posted.
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