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Team Last Man Invitational - 12/31/13 @9:30 EST
10:30 PM Tue 31st Dec 2013 - 00:30 AM Wed 1st Jan 2014(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Hosted By: [=eX=] BladeAngel7

Team Last Man Invitational

Tuesday December 31st(New Year's Eve) @ 9:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Game Name:  Welcome to My Hell!

You and 6 other souls are trapped within a map, your only chance of surviving is to run as far as you can! As you run you'll have destructive minions on your ass tracking you down and eventually sending you back to hell. 

Luckily you can have a chance to fight back and protect yourselves from certain death. If you do manage to win against the evil forces, you will get your souls back, and in return, save the minion's souls. 

Work as a team, and don't let your souls be dragged back to hell. Remember, this is your only chance to win your souls back.


Souls: Small cars


Crimson Fury



Death Warrant

Minions: Heavy cars



Junkyard Dog


There will be 5 rounds for both Souls and Minions. best out of 3

Maps will be small to medium, which depends on who's coming.

volunteers to become souls will be chosen randomly, same with minions...

;;devil;;*insert evil laugh*;;devil;;

I'll see you in hell!

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30th Dec 2013
Remember this is on the 30th souls and minions, if ya can't make it say now, but either case if you wanna join late, you'll be assigned randomly!
16th Nov 2013
Wait didn't i set this on the 30th? O_o
14th Nov 2013
not sure if i'll be around on New Years Eve. If the wife doesn't drag me somewhere stupid I'm down.
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14th Nov 2013
Tuesday might be bad for me. But i ll try to join
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14th Nov 2013
I forgot to add a Heavy for the Minions
Warthog repeat Warthog is a Minion vehicle!
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14th Nov 2013
Welcome souls and minions!
Once we have enought people to volunteer their lives to save or to kill others lives then we shall begin the choosing of whom gets to be a minion, or become unlucky and have their souls sent back to hell, either way your asses are already in hell haha!! I'd say about...10 or 8 volunteers to go on this then we shall begin The Choosing > good luck *demonic voice* pray you're not a soul!
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14th Nov 2013
Blade, your event is posted.
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