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high skill match
06:44 AM Sat 12th Jan 2013 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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so im sure we all noticed the flood of newbies and this is a good thing but i miss the high level on the 12th i or someone who offers to will host a room for high skilled players. the room will be called and will go up at 9:30pm easyern time.

howerver ic by the 12th there arent atleast 8 people attending i wont bother putting the the room up. let me know if you want this to be ranked or unranked.

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6th Jan 2013
Cool. I'm in
6th Jan 2013
good point
6th Jan 2013
My opinion is to be Unranked... Because we can all press square for 5 seconds and stop, we can do it before every match, and we will get different teammates every time.
6th Jan 2013
Hey guys if you are coming I think you should click "I'm attending" that job job knows how many we are.
6th Jan 2013
I'll be there... XD
5th Jan 2013
cmon 6 more
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4th Jan 2013
awesome, ill join.
3rd Jan 2013
"High-Skill" as in 90+ only?
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