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Twisted Clans Banner Photo Op -Part 2
8:00 PM Sat 2nd Feb 2013 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Posted by: X-Ployt
Edit:This is part 2 of the event. Sorry I wasn't on top of it at all last week, so let's finish this bad boy up on Saturday!

I want to make a banner with all the clan leaders in it to replace the old one.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Get as many clan leader's together as possible....I may have to do it 8 players at a time for flawless looping of the .gif file.

Leaders would gather at the center of LA Skyline, on the rotating platform in the middle, each occupying a panel because there are 16 panels on the platform - that is where i may have to do 8 at a time, because I would be recording(leaves a panel unoccupied), and I want the players to be laid out symmetrically .

I'm hoping we can coordinate as well to bring a variety of vehicles and skins for the photo op.

Pick up a shotguns or the RC cars to have your assistant hang out the window because that would look better .

All you have to do is pick up the weapons, come to the middle platform, occupy a panel, and face the center of the platform. I will be taking care of the recording process.

When the time comes, I will post the room name and password.

It doesn't have to be this Saturday. This is just a starting point.. I would like to finish recording for the project within the next two weeks.

Make sure to attend the event so I know who is interested in having their vehicle rotate endlessly for everyone to see in a banner.::cool::

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24th Feb 2013
When is part 3? lol
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12th Feb 2013
Pretty cool idea, I do not know if I could join my clan because few people have but the team leader is to me, but unfortunately I'm without internet ... I'll just go back to playing online in March ... = /

But I liked the idea, it would be nice also take pictures of the battles even without being fully clans and post here, hehehe
6th Feb 2013
Hmm so i see that this event isn't happening. Hopefully it's not a permanent cancel though... right? O_O Anywho I see sweetbot john and miyhaz attending. And they're not leaders. Does this I could join alongside the 7D$ leader as well?? Thanks for doing this though, really cool idea. Hope you get your internet soon my friend.
2nd Feb 2013
The event's not going to happen. My internet is off, and I'm not sure when I'll get it on. Sorry.
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28th Jan 2013
Sweet 6 should be fine this time since I missed last one but I'll be there this time
27th Jan 2013
Well when ever it is both Me and Unsborn wiil try to be ther ^_^
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19th Jan 2013
that axel is freakin epic
16th Jan 2013
This sound awesome. Hope its ok if MVP comes too
14th Jan 2013
hmm sounds... interesting, ill be there
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