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(Cancelled)Nuke 3-27-13 @11PM EST
00:00 AM Thu 28th Mar 2013 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Posted by: X-Ployt

Like usual, the game has to be in good running order for games to be played, so lets hope for the best.

Aiming for 3 good games of Nuke in the matter of 2 hours.

I will be streaming the event when it goes down, so if you are around, check out the

livestream page

I'm usually home from work and settled in by 11pm est, so that will be the time I will aim for.


• Speedsters: 2 vehicles per team; Remote bomb/RPG: Allowed on mobile launcher
• Flamethrower Special: No
• Double Vehicles: No
• Talon/Juggernaut: No
• If CF/KK/Reaper allowed; 20 second respawn time.

I will try to keep the teams as balanced as possible.

By clicking the attend button, you are honoring that you will show up to the event.

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27th Mar 2013
This event is: cancelled: insufficient players.
27th Mar 2013
4/6 Players needed to start event. I'm making this event a minimum of 6 players attending to follow through with starting the lobby at the specified time. If I do not have 6 players attending by 10:00 PM Eastern Time, I will consider the event cancelled.

If I have a longer work day on Wednesday, there's a good chance I will not send out a reminder by e-mail 1 hour prior to the event. I'm not 100% sure I will be home for the event, but if I feel I won't make it in time, I will find someone at work with a smartphone and the internet and use it to make contact with the site.

If you are interested BUT have every intention to SHOW UP, please hit attend.
If you do "attend" and know ahead of time that you can't make it, please hit "I can't make it"


Send me a PM saying you won't make it.


If and when I do send out an e-mail reminder, please respond back to the e-mail saying you can't make it.

Don't leave me hanging, as I try not to leave you hanging.
26th Mar 2013
I'll try to join this (: been awhile I had a good nuke game
25th Mar 2013
Nuke Wednesday is still wide open - 3 days left.
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