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11:00 PM Sat 16th Mar 2013 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Posted by: MoMmy

Hey everyone!!!

Lets have some fun!! ^_^

Date: 03/16/13
Time: 11:00pm EST
Game type: Race!! (DM)
Vehicle: Crimson Fury ONLY
Weapons: unlimited Ricco PICKUPS
Map: Diablo full map, maybe another on the highway for diesel!!

extras: Depending on the turn out maybe we can throw down on some reaper hockey!!! ST dodgeball?

Hope to see many of you there!!!!

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14th Mar 2013
The Sweet Tooth dodgeball would be better if we had manual aim like troll said also football wouldn't be a bad idea if we had unlimited turbo...:3 how about RoadBoat shot put? Who can throw DS the farthest!!
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14th Mar 2013
I'm hoping to be there. May be an hour late, depending on how things go.
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