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22nd Annual CATastrophe in Diablo Race & Carnival
9:00 PM Mon 1st Apr 2013 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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The 22nd Annual CATastrophe in Diablo Race and Carnival(Carnival not guaranteed) brought to you buy aVeryAngryKitten and Mountain Dew(do the dew)

Posted by: aVeryAngryKitten

Event Date: April 1st, 2013 10 P.M. Eastern Time

Player Skill Percentage Requirement : No

Use of Juggernaut/Talon :: Yes

It says its a hunted but thats just for the race. At two minutes into the room starting, everyone will meet at the end of Ghost town. When the helicopter touches down it signals the start of the race. Everyone must race to the end of Diablo and then back to where they started. If you are killed along the way, where ever they start you again is where you must pick up the race. There will me a helicopter in the sky monitoring (me) and another at the other end(tara) so we can see who is cheating (not that anyone here cheats). Kill everyone in your path so that you can cross the finish line first. If you cross the finish line and you are a hunted then you will get a special bonus that you will use to your advantage when the third event is announce in a few days. Trust me, the 3rd event is something everyone will want to join.....big money ppl!

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1st Apr 2013
so is this still on or is it an april fools event?
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31st Mar 2013
omg! Is this tomorrow? This is more exciting than finding a leprechaun humping a tree fairy on a Tuesday! where do I sign up?
26th Mar 2013
I wish I could be there, ... Damn it! ... xD
26th Mar 2013
Sounds AWESOME!! ... xD
26th Mar 2013
26th Mar 2013
This sounds awesome kitten, sign me up! B-)
25th Mar 2013
Very neat concept. Hopefully I'll be able to make it.
25th Mar 2013
Really? Only two others want to race....sigh
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25th Mar 2013
More shall join cuz this has been bumpeth
25th Mar 2013
aVeryAngryKitten, your event has been posted.
Like (1) · Comments (7)
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