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Kittenator Presents: The End
09:00 AM Sun 12th May 2013 (GMT/UTC -5.0)
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]Sunday, Sunday, Sunday May 12th will be the Apocalypso......

]That's right kids, aVeryAngryKitten and Taranator will bring to you an event so riddled with death and destruction that the only thing they knew to call it was THE END...

Prizes to be awarded.......1st: 250 big ones
2nd: 100 smaller ones
3rd: A shirt (what will the shirt say? Win third place and find out!!!)

The Devil is in the details: Starting on Sunday May 12th and ending on Sat May 18th....

7 days- 7 maps

The games consist of one map per day. 1 round on each small map

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23rd Apr 2013
Job, how did this get posted? I wasn't done working on it!!!
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23rd Apr 2013
so if im the only one that shows do i get the money?
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