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BoysVSGirls! - 6/29/13 @ 11 PM EST
11:00 PM Sat 29th Jun 2013 - 01:00 AM Sat 29th Jun 2013(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Posted by : whosyourdaddy

Saturday, June 29th 2013 @ 11 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
*Rules and Attendees are subject to change

Boys: Check the lottery pick thread! http://tmclanbattle.ihost ... rls-lottery-pick-bpl

Game Type: TDM

Player Skill Percentage Requirement: No

Use of Juggernaut/Talon: Yes

Event Details: Summer is here and it's time for the first ever Women vs. Boys spectacular! Are men just better at video games than women? Probably. So now is a good time for the girls to show what they got! This will be a 6 vs. 6 event and the first game will be handicapped. The women use their best vehicles and the boys use their worst vehicle. No talon or juggs allowed for the boys but the women can use whatever they like. Best of five, and if after the first match the men get whipped then they can play with their best vehicles. So there's not many women playing TM so I hope I can get at least 7 females to join so that there can be a sub.

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29th Jun 2013
Making the pass public

Room password is "fresh"
29th Jun 2013
Room is up...the password is working that I sent out to everyone
29th Jun 2013
So I'm actually sad! I completely forgot that it's long weekend here and I had to come to my cottage (my dad has this thing where he gets pissed if we don't come) and so I'm stuck here for the weekend, which means no ps3 FML

But I know that the ladies will kill it! So men, bring it on GOOD LUCK TO BOTH! I hope to hear all about it and hope it comes up again reaaaaaal soon. I deff want in
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28th Jun 2013
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16th Jun 2013
When do we figure out whos playing when and what car? lol
i feel like this will creep up on us and we wont be ready!!
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9th Jun 2013
How about a game of strip Twisted Metal? The losing sex must remove one item of attire for each loss, the winning team is declared once they have stripped the other team of all their clothing.
9th Jun 2013
Btw, IMO the dudes up there ^ in the pic look gay ... xD
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9th Jun 2013
If I arrive on time, I will upload it to YouTube and everyone can watch and enjoy it ... xD

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9th Jun 2013
At this time, the rules and attendees are subject to change.

We will coordinate with Ohle to make the best out of his event.
9th Jun 2013
what about for subs ? xD
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9th Jun 2013
I think the Jackass people beig represented as boys would be funnier
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9th Jun 2013
[Lgnd] whosyourdaddy, your event has been posted.
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