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Want to take it to the next level...
X-PloytAdmin 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Jan 2013
Job has given me the awesome opportunity to help him maintain and improve the site, and I will do what I can to make that happen, so big thanks to Job!

As Job has already mentioned, there's a donation box on the left side of the pages, under the "members online" box. It would be awesome to try to get running with the ideas Job and I have, to make this a better site. Any donations we receive will be awesome, but don't feel obligated, because we're going to get the premium one way or another!

I want to make my basic outline/list of improvements as to I how I would like to make this site appealing to many in the community and show what we can possibly do with the premium version of this site:

1.Making fun/competitive events(kind of hard with TM's lack of rule customization), also ones I am willing to host and stream - I would embed the stream into the site during the event, to allow site users to watch, as well as putting the chat box into the stream for further site integration. Anyone else that is capable of doing the same, come forward and speak out. The more, the merrier.

2.Inform site members of updates, news, and events over the period of a week via e-mail(weekly newsletter) - I'd personally want the users to know what's going on without them having to log-in. - I believe this alone would be the greatest tool. People can see the event activity - what should be the central focus of Twisted Clans IMO - without having to be here.

3.Stylized, intuitive and in-depth clan pages showcasing individual player attributes as a collective via player info and clan battle data(data which would be collected by submitting a pic of the post-game stats(regardless of quality, just has to be readable) .

These are the big three in my book: Events, Clan-Savvy Presentation with stats, and the Newsletter to catch up to speed with the site's activity.

Do these things appeal to you?

We will go into further detail when the time comes, but these are the areas of interest to me as a user, and Job will coordinate with me to bring a more comprehensive list to you guys.

Feel free to PM me, or reply to this post.

Thanks for reading.

13th Jan 2013 Muddeh [=eX=]
Give me a heads-up when you'll be streaming events, I'd certainly be up for streaming them as well! My capture device has been giving me a bit of grief since streaming using the software packed with it (it's a Roxio HD Game Capture) tends to lag my stream unless I put my quality to 240p, which isn't very crisp. I can stream much better quality if I use an external program like XSplit, but the capture card refuses to recognize the signal from the capture device.
As a result, I still need to use the Roxio software to generate a preview, then stream that by capturing the PC screen, but the problem is that preview has a tendency to skip frames as well. Both ways, it's still watchable, but not ideal.

Still, I think it'd be still be super neat if there were multiple livestreams of an event that could be watched, and it'd be a neat feature for the site. I'll do some more legwork and see if I can get the quality a bit better, but be sure to give me a shout when you're planning to stream.
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