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X's Update
X-PloytAdmin 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Apr 2013
Putting a hold on MY events

I think this will be the last week I do any event, for a little while. It has nothing to with me hitting a wall, sort of speak, or the lack of our community using our events section being used as a tool to gather players, as I believe it will be much more valuable in the future as the community dwindles down, in addition to our site-hosting company revamping the options and versatility of the events like they claim they will in the near future.

I like doing the events, but apparently it seems like it's not a big deal right now as the community's size seems to re-stabilize itself.

Just wait and see when you can never get any good games going because people will not wait for 6 players..... but why should you, right?

A Lost Cause?

I was recently laying out a page showing the appeal of the events, how to use it, and laying out some rules and guidelines I would have enforced - After periodically building my page, in the span of a couple days, I stopped midway, because I realized no matter how appealing I made it, it wasn't going to coerce anybody to use events on the site to organize games. It seems the top 10% skilled players of the community can appreciate the idea, as to everyone else could probably care less, because it wouldn't be the same experience for them. I believe the casual/inexperienced players have no desire to participate in what I would consider great games, because they possess a certain level of inferiority by not being able to hang with the "pros", or simply see TM as a casual experience, therefore playing it as a casual point-and-shoot game, and therefore only being here at to socialize with other players. - To that, I say, that's perfectly fine. I think it's great we can all talk, share stories, gameplay, and have alternative means to communicate to each other rather than using the Playstation Network, but just know this site wasn't initially designed with you in mind, as it was more about players becoming more developed by getting together with like-minded players, forming clans, and gradually building the competitive scene - I believe this can still happen to a certain degree.
I Still Dream
Just know if Twisted Metal's issues were actually sorted out, this game would be on fire.

I consider myself a great player, but if this game was truly competitive, it's possible that I might be... MIGHT BE.....only in the top 100, and chances would be slim. We would see strategies that we thought could only be imagined, and surely I would love to see these players in action, because it would certainly be a spectacle to watch.

Getting back on track, since I am putting a stop to MY events temporarily, I am directing my energy towards video editing as it concerns this site - Not that I'm necessarily good at it, but I think I can make use of my knowledge of the game as well as others, to put together videos that will be entertaining, or at the very least, making guides to weapons and/or vehicles that an inexperienced or casual TM player can make use of.

If it's the last thing I do, I will do my darn-est to put my know-how to the test and bring the next level experience of Twisted Metal for your eyes to see.

I also haven't made a montage in forever... I want to make another one, dang it!

I would also like to do more advertising with the site -The site has gotten way better since Job started, and we have gained over 100 new members since I made my first ad back in December.

I have had my ups, but mostly downs with the game and everything else surrounding it as a whole, but just know that I haven't given up, by any means.posted by: X

2nd Apr 2013 aVeryAngryKitten
Interesting post....but I must say, despite my being late to my own event last night, there were enough players to make the room last hours, so all is not lost for the event horizon. I logged on thinking I was going to sit alone in a room hoping someone would show up but the first room I saw when I got to games was the Diablo Race room. Thanks to all who came.
Also, its funny that you are mentioning advertising for the site because I was just about to write a blog on the subject, so at least we are on the same page as far as that goes.

2nd Apr 2013 King Berserk [BSRK]
well ployt your good at making videos and i wanted to suggest making basic, intermediate and advanced guides but its not my place.
on a brighter note i really enjoyed the kami montage haha" THAT GUYS AN IDIOT"
2nd Apr 2013 aVeryAngryKitten
Interesting update, though I must tell you that despite my being late to my own event last night, we had enough players show so that the room ran for hours.
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