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Site update coming Sunday!
X-PloytAdmin 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Jun 2013
It seems our host is ready to unveil the next update - I took out all the items that are not relevant to the user... I think.

Here is a list of new features/improvements for the update on 9th June 2013. Further details to follow.

• New post subscribing, with email notifications
• Option to disable default smileys
• Moderation of polls
• News posts can be restricted based on ranks
• Improved announcements (pop-ups) based on multiple triggers
• Sub-forums
• Websockets for chatbox - instant messaging in chatbox
• Instant chat can be customized in the theme builder
• Twitch integration with BB code tags
• Anonymous donation option
• Private messaging restrictions based on rank
• Russian language has been added
• Smarter login - you will be redirected to the page you were viewing after logging on
• Live preview feature for making new posts
• Added end date for events and added a limit to the number of members who can attend an event

There are also some minor tweaks here and there (see if you can spot them!)

My two cents: I say about 15% of the updates are actually useful to us, but nevertheless, it is a pretty substantial update,

9th Jun 2013 Z&trade;
I haven't seen anything new yet..
Hasn't updated yet?
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9th Jun 2013 ☃ [=eX=]
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