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X's Philosophy on's Event System
X-PloytAdmin 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Jun 2013
If I may, I would like to make it crystal clear right now about the event section at our site. Because the event section is trending to become more useful, we all need to understand how it works, and why it works.

Let it be known: Because I, X-Ployt, through the use of my privilege of being an admin, have made an effort to make the events appealing, convenient, uniform in how they appear, as well as showing up to my own events, does not mean that ANY event that appears like something I may do, is mine, or is my sole responsibility.

How it Works

If you have never been to the event section, I would like you to go check it out - Please take notice at the top of each event where there is a "Posted by:______" - If the implication isn't obvious, I am letting you know that this is "_______"'s event.

If my name is at the top of the event, you can bet your behind that it is my event to take care of. Whoever's name is at the top of the event, then that is the person who is organizing the event, and their responsibility to coordinate with me to make the best of the event by providing any necessary details, and making it a success.

Yes, anyone is allowed to make an event. You can submit an event by going to:
Events>Submit an Event at the top of the page.

The information is sent to me via e-mail, and I submit the information with my admin privileges.

Why it Works

By me putting the sub-missioners name at the top of the event, I'm doing two things:

1.Allowing the user the privilege to build a reputation - the more successful the user's events are, the more inclined people will be to join their events in the future, and the more inclined the participants are to honor their "attending" of the event.

2.Allowing the event system to build a reputation, as well as the site itself, through means other than myself who has been a main component of it(the event system)

To sum up those two points: We all can make magic happen here and take part in it., with follow-though; with that alone, you will be surprised how far you will take EVERYONE in this community, old and new, by compelling them to take part in it, knowing your actions help make this site and community grow,

Don't Get it Twisted

Please don't fool yourself into believing that I'm saying if you don't commit (to the Event - Host or Attendee) , that you are wrong for doing so, or that it will not be tolerated. If you can't make it, you can't make it. All I ask is if you can't show up to an event, and you have prior knowledge, please, let me or the event host know that you can't make it. If you are the event host then please let me know, so I can arrange something if it is in my power.

-Don't forget you can remove yourself from an event at anytime.

X's Unfair Advantage

I could understand for some, that as me being a potential event host who has the capability of live streaming, gives players an incentive to join my events over others' - To that I say, "Why don't you live stream?" Let me know if you can. I'd be more than willing to embed your Twitch channel in the live stream section of our site, that is of course, if you actually play Twisted Metal.

Also, with my admin privileges, I send out 1-hour reminders for my events because I have access to everyone's e-mail - Let it be known that I have zero intentions on abusing this privilege. I may be able to coordinate with event hosts to do reminders, but it is not guaranteed.

- I will try not to infringe on other events occurring within the same time frame, but I cannot guarantee that it will be avoided 100% of the time.

Ohle's Boys vs Girls Event

Hopefully you read all of that....up this should be easy.

Perhaps more thought should have been put into the event first before throwing it out there, but it's out there.

Fact: More males play video games over females.
Fact: More Clowns play Twisted Metal over Dollfaces..

With that being said, we will try to work with Ohle to make his event more digestable for the ladies, as they are alot! that means everything about the event is subject to change, so for the boys who jumped on board, I apologize.

In Closing

I know it may sound like I am embellishing the events, as there are many events that are merely reference points for clan battles, but that will evolve over time with updates from our host, and with our own ideas as well.

Again, with all of us playing a part, we can do big things. It's in our hands.

You guys have been fucking awesome. I feel very privileged to take part in it.

Let's keep these wheels rollin', shall we?

10th Jun 2013 ☃ [=eX=]
A while ago i summited an event but no one ever created it :/
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