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TC Awards Project
X-PloytAdmin 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Mar 2014
Site News
In an attempt to increase morale and make things interesting, apart from minor tweaks to the site theme,  we will start to implement basic awards for users who meet certain criteria...and you can take part in it too!

We are not going too spill much information on this, so I'll try to keep this short. Community talent is welcomed to be a part of this. If you have a knack for digital photography and art, and an imagination sparked by anything within the realm of Twisted Clans - Twisted Metal; theme, characters, story, art style, music, or even the users here, then please feel free to share your interest on this post. If you would like to help and you don't want it to be known, or you need more space and want to share or explain your ideas, you can PM X-Ployt  - he is the culprit behind the project.

The awards to be given out and the award system is not something that has been fully planned out or developed, but for what's hoping to have richer functionality as time goes on with site updates, the automation system can potentially be used to award TC members for performing a particular action once, to performing the same action many times, or even performing a combination of actions through this system.

Ideas or works of art that are blatantly crude, and its' sole purpose is to offend an individual or group without any entertainment value will not be considered(In other words taking a jab at someone or something can be allowed, but it has to have depth and/or context to lead a person to understand that). Anyone who submits any type of work to be used on the site will get due credit for their work, one way or another. 

That's it. Keep it Twisted.

5th Apr 2014 B [BSRK]
id say this was a smashing success
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