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No more excuses
X-PloytAdmin 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Apr 2014
Site News
For the longest, there hasn't been any order. Never. No one is to blame but the lack of functionality on a clan site not suited for multiple clans who sit side-by-side in this structure though which order can come about, and myself for not establishing any rules - as frustrating as it is, there hasn't been any rules, so it's difficult to take actions against users whose actions, while still can be seen as disruptive, are unfortunately justified, because of the lack of rules to adhere to.


I am happy to announce that now we have rules, and they will be in effect Friday April 11th 2014(date is subject to change) - You can take a look a them here, or look under 'Home' for 'Site Rules' on the main menu - Excessive improper use of the site will have consequences, will no longer be tolerated, or justified by the minority. It will go from warnings to bans. This site will either thrive in moderation or it will die because users are incapable of understanding that it is a privilege to be here and not a right, and not simply means to cause disruptions. Users who have a history of being disruptive continually will be held to more scrutiny.

Comments(Activity Feed)

As for the comments, I'm going to bring them back, but the rules will apply to comments and posts on the feed as well; comments that are in violation of the rules put forth will be subject to deletion, and further actions will be taken when violations become excessive. Again, users who have a history of being disruptive continually will be held to more scrutiny, after all rules are coming into existence for this reason alone. Full blown discussions will need to be taken to the forum, or to the PM system.

In closing

For anyone who ACTUALLY feels I've taken it upon myself to make matters worse for anyone here, I'm sorry that you feel this way, and are sadly mistaken. New things being implemented on the site can cause issues, and improper actions taken via exploitable bugs to disrupt the site causes issues as well, so with rules being put into place, we can expect proper conduct to a reasonable degree on everyone's part. Looking forward, Twisted Metal may cease to exist as a playable game online, but we still have the potential to be a community that has love for the game and yet remain intact to socialize or game, or whatever ventures we dive into while respecting each other and the site as a medium to connect.

I believe everyone has the right to make amends. I personally don't have issues with anyone, but with that being said, users will not use this as a tool, a pass, or as an excuse to do whatever they so choose to me, or anyone else.

6th Apr 2014 X-PloytAdmin
Because news doesn't post to the feed anymore...
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