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Heartbroken 2012: A Tribute / Montage
X-PloytAdmin 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Mar 2015
Twisted Metal Content
Here's to all the Twisted Metal PS3 Fans:

I love you all, even the trolls and haters! Being a part of this community has been one the greatest things.

But...I have to ask...

Will you enter the contest in 2015?

20th Jun 2015 Sapling
In all respect, aside from connectivity issues, the game was stable enough to play at what most wanted out of the game at some point. Sure, Sony could have brought better map options, but that's my only problem with the game: maybe also settings.

But the rest is on the people that play it. Live with the regrets, as many of those kinds of things are personal.

When it was crowded, popular, and exciting enough, the main people on this site weren't really invested. And now, after the "golden" era of the game's life, there's more bitterness involved than anything.

And for what it is worth, I'm sure there will be another Twisted Metal within time--whether people enjoy that one for all it is worth is entirely on them.

And for old time's sake, "One on one?"

15th Jun 2015 MidnightMulligan [BSRK]
That was pretty cool
15th Mar 2015 DirtyLynx
that vid is quality
10th Mar 2015 JoseAntonioEFX [echo]
Yhea nice work
7th Mar 2015 Jcub95 [=eX=]
X The Laser Pistol Revolutionary... Very nice man, I know I already told you, but seriously nice vid. The message it passes Is a little strong-though very much a truthful, rightful message that needs to be out there to some degree In my opinion.
Like (1)
4th Mar 2015 Not_A_Real_TrollSite Troll
4th Mar 2015 Queen Berserk❥ [BSRK]
Loved it!
4th Mar 2015  Awesome.....
I meant to say "lol at biscuits"
4th Mar 2015  Awesome.....
Lol at the ending, I remembered that match and it was bs and at biscuits at the start. But in all seriousness great video! So damn gurney kills lol.
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2nd Mar 2015 JobJob (devilWITHcheese)
2nd Mar 2015 Ash
Nice vid x
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