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Rocket League: Small Stepping Stone for community?
X-PloytAdmin 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Jun 2015
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I think Rocket League could be a nice little addition to TC. It can serve as another platform, to not only gain new activity, but can serve as a method to bring some of us back together for that car-to-car action! 

It's not Twisted Metal, but putting unnecessary focus on content that can't be generated out of thin air seems out of place. TC is about Twisted Metal because that's our passion, but at the end of the day, we're talking about normal people(on the surface ; ) )  who carry common interests.

Now I really don't see myself dedicating too much leisure time to it, but I do see the similar characteristics that draw me in, and would possibly draw you guys in as well if you were to try it out. I reserve any criticism I may have about Rocket League until I manage to get my hands on it, and give it some time. Release date is July 7th of this year.

Yeah it's on PS4, but it's on PC as well. It doesn't seem like a very demanding game, so I imagine lower-end PCs can handle Rocket League. I play Hawken on PC and you'd be surprised what clunkers folks are using to play! XD

On my part, all I'd do is change the banner, add a forum board, give some type of introduction as to supporting Rocket League and promoting it via social media, and that could lead into having leaderboards and tournaments, having our own TC team or inviting teams to join, and perhaps even both! 

If you have a constructive opinion on the matter I'd like to hear it!

And as always, keep it Twisted.

15th Jun 2015 Muddeh [=eX=]
I plan to pick it up. Not sure how involved I get into it, but looks like fun competitive way to waste some time.
14th Jun 2015 Prince Berserk
Yes played beta for it and is one of the coolest games to come out soon
14th Jun 2015 B [BSRK]
Ok first off cool move man. You sent everyone an email and hopefully a few will check it out.

Rocket League is hella fun and has a super dedicated fan base. They already got a couple of fan sites ready to set up tournaments.

Rocket League is actually the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars. Its on PS3 and only cost $3. (Rocket League is $20) If you got $3 to waste check it out.
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