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David Jaffe: "The State of Twisted Metal"(video)
2 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Jan 2018
Mr. Jaffe shares his thoughts on the franchise. He ponders the potential of a new or updated release.

I guess now would be a good time as any to show your interest!

Here's his Twitter Post: ... s/953868632186003456

18th Jan 2018 Rock-Fist-Lee
Jaffe is working on an unannounced game at the moment. Meanwhile, Sony is still running after the cash wagon hoping for that big lottery win,,, will it pay off..... nobody knows. One thing I do know is Sony isnt after that staple happy meal X) i mean c'mon 500,000 sales at $60 a game??
18th Jan 2018 daehlluks8
Dang. What a game. The multiplayer was lit. Besides those who couldn’t play it without glitching out of danger ;) where’s my helicopter friend
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