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"Quote of the Week"
"Skill level don't mean shit."
Mahatma Gandhi- 1922
Where Are They Now?
GirlWithTurn: She was the Talon that terrorized plenty of noobs throughout her short lived career on Twisted Metal. Respected by some, hated by many, her name was notorious for causing dozens of arguments throughout many a chat room about whether or not she was skilled or simply a "girl who flew a copter, which has absolutely no reason to be included in this game"(Trollaidz, Aug. 13th, 2012)
It came as a shock when out of nowhere she announced her departure from tm, stating that she would be unable to even be online for a two year period. Rumors circulated about her leaving, some said she was going to a Russian prison camp for the next two years, others said the military, one guy said she might be Cameron Diaz, which left us all pretty confused.
So where is this mysterious GirlWithTurn? The world may never least not for another year.
You are cordially invited to the wedding of Blue Voltage and Pink Tornado, which will be held in the SunSprings Assembly Hall on the 16th of June. RSVP, seating is limited.

We would like to celebrate the birth of Blue Voltage and Pink Tornado's 1st child together. At 11:16 last night in the parking lot of Our lady of Peace Medical Hospital, Pink successfully pushed out a win in the shape of a 7 pound baby boy that the couple named Purple Horatio Voltage-Tornado. We wish them all the best with their new DLC.

Weekly Horoscope with Trollaidz
Taurus: Vad I will pay you $1000 to go away and never come back.`
Gemini: One of my biggest pet peeves is when people heal jugg
Cancer: L. M. F. A. O.
Leo: Cash is king
Virgo: Columbus was a bad man, but he smoked mad weed.
Libra: xD
Scorpio: LOL
Sagittarius: Sandwiches
Trollaidz does not acknowledge the existence of the last three astrology symbols.
Do you like CANDY CANDY CANDY ---@
Do you want them to just START THE PARADE /^@^\
Do you find yourself sometimes screaming HONK HONK HONK (@@)
If you answered yes to any of these questions then the clan Cirq(kiwi, /@\) is for you. Remember, there's a clown in all of annoying, 3 phrase speaking, camp with napalm, playing like I'm in a Team Death Match when I'm really in a regular Death Match loving clown inside all of us. Join HONK HONK
A Note From the Editor
I would like to formally apologize in advance for whatever may be said within this page, I am not responsible for any opinions that may be told or feelings that may get hurt. This page was never my idea, it is a court ordered Community Service for aVeryAngryKitten. I'm not really sure how many posts have to be written to equal out 120 hours of forced labor but hopefully it wont be that many.

Thank you.
Welcome to Community Service with aVeryAngryKitten
This will be a weekly addition to the website and while it is very doubtful that any of you will read what I write here, I just hope that when you see me you are able to lie and tell me that you did.
That being said........
Hello and welcome to Kittens Community Service, your one stop webpage for all the things that impact your world. In this issue we will be asking the tough questions and receiving even tougher answers as to why we rage quit, we will learn who the locals say is hiding out in the mountains of Diablo and we will watch a crafty monkey win at Skid Row...All this and more in today's issue of Community Service. ....

Seriously, quit it.
What causes people to up and quit like they do? Next question, what causes people to announce their quit plans to the world? Recently, as you may know, people have been pretty quit-tastic on both this site and the game of twisted metal, making me ask....what the fuck?
Why? I mean, we have had people quit because they have a problem with other members(something they said or a general dislike of the person), because they have begun to play a different game(not really a reason in my opinion, just because you play less, it doesn't mean you stop being friends with people. this is why it is important for the site to go multi game) or finally, because the sun came out(looks to mommy, who inst here because, well, the sun freaking came out in the cold bitter land of Detroit, Mi......seriously)
I'm not saying that people need to spend their every waking moment here or in the game. If you don't want to come on as much, thats fine, but chances are you will still be coming on, do not announce to the world that you are going to be quitting, to do so would only bite you in the end and unless you like that sort of thing(biting)......shit, I dont really know where I was going with this sentence, hopefully you get my point.....
Moving on.
So, again I ask, why quit? If you don't like someone or something someone said, is that a reason to up and leave? If you quit then they beat you, plain and simple. If you just keep your mouth shut whenever they speak, even if it is about you, it will show you to be the better person. Im not saying don't defend yourself, just that you keep it to a minimum, because what it all comes down to is this, it's just a game, there is absolutely no reason to put someone down because you got an issue with their playstyle.
A thousand comments can be positive but the one negative is the only one you think about. Stop quitting over stupid shit.

I believe that's enough Community Service for one day. Join us next week when we learn about the darkside of Darkside, see firsthand that wishes really do come true when spend a day with Calypso and talk with Thumper about retirement, all this and more in Community Service.
A study is underway in Germany as to why so many TM players have been committing suicide as of late. "The suicide rate among tm players is at an unprecedented level, with as many as 60 to 70 percent at least trying it before their first year of playing ends." Hans Sigfried told us by phone from The Mitshtow Institute for Gaming in Friedricks, Germany, where the study is being held. "What we are attempting is to learn the psychological aspect of gaming suicide and hopefully show people how great a problem it really is."
We asked a few members of the twisted metal community what was currently playing in their cd player for a new feature we like to call: What are you listening to???

RockFistLee- The theme from Titanic, "It makes you realize that love is what breaks all boundaries and that your heart really will go on."

TheDoc- 99 Luftballoons, "Nothing gets my skip going like this song, the German version, not the English one....well, i guess the song Walking on Sunshine does, thats a great song as well."

Vadimony- Twisted metal soundtrack, (no quote given)

Arzharkhel- A whole new world(from the Disney film Aladdin), "What can I say? I just freaking love that film."

Boston Apu- Moonlight Sonata 111. presto Agitato, "At night I just love to curl up with a good book and listen to the great composers of our time. Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin...Bach, all seem to have the power to take my spirit to a distant place."

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