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Joining A Game

Land of the Network Error and AFK Host?

I am going to try and help you though some of these very frustrating things that plague this game! Note that not all this will gaurentee you to completely avoid these Issues but I will tell you they have greatly reduced the frequency that they might happen to you. Following some of these Tips and Tricks will have you playing Twisted Metal in no time at all..... Hopefully!

How to Find a Good Lobby

How many times have you joined a Lobby/Room only to sit waiting for a game to start? Me way to many!! Using some of these "tricks" that I have learned I can tell you this, I usually don't have to wait an hour for a lobby to fill and begin playing. About the most I have to wait to begin playing me some Good Ole Twisted Metal is about 15min from Boot-up to Play Time. And that is if I join a Lobby that has 9+ Min left in the game. Just thought I would share some of my tips with you. I will also be posting putting up a video done by our very own X-ployt going over some of these very same techniques.
  • NEVER use the "Quick Online Action"

    NEVER, and I mean NEVER use the "Quick Online Action" to join a game of Twisted Metal. Chances are if you do it will just "Create" a New Game and You will sit for a very long time to have enough players join you to even begin to play the game!
  • Always, and I mean ALWAYS go to the "Multiplayer" Menu

    Then go to online. Once in this Menu You will notice that it will load up the "Suggested Games" List. This isn't the List you want. This list consist of Games that have an open-slot and are sitting in the Game-Room. Instead Hit "R2 or L2" to navigate through the "Game List." Go to the "All Games" list. Once at this list make sure to hit "Triangle" to refresh this list (get in the Habit of Hitting "Triangle" to Refresh).
  • Look for Games that are "In-Progress"

    Looking for Games that Either "In-Progress" or are close to having 6 players, I prefer a minimum of 8 players, will help you avoid the ever present AFK Host. While I can't gaurentee you that once the game ends that the host will not disconnected or leave and another player will be selected as host that might be AFK or even unaware that they are host. It will simply Give you a better chance at finding an "Active" room.
  • Hit Refresh!!

    Getting into the Habit of Hitting "Triangle" before you join each and every game you try to join will give you the most current up to-date information from the server. Giving you the Best Chances at finding that Game you actually want to play in!!
  • Be PATIENT!!

    With such a small player base it can and will be very frustrating at times to find that "perfect" lobby. If you got into a lobby, especially a Team Based Game. Give the Host a chance to start the game. Realize that they just got done playing a 10+ Min Marathon of a Game of Twisted Metal!! Give them a chance to unwind a bit. Maybe they are just waiting for a couple of more players to join the game, or even better yet are waiting for the players to "Even Out" to give everyone in the room a chance to have the best possible experience. Take this time to check out the Game Chat and see all the "GG" going on, or even have a good laugh at some of the shit being said in there!
  • Tricks to Getting In

    • Can't Join a game that you want to join, try creating a "Party" hit select and create a Party of One. Then go back to the game screen, Hit Refresh of Course, and try to join again! You might be surprised at how many times this will work. Its just a shame that the Party System itself is so broken.
    • "Log-Out" of the Twisted Metal Servers then "Log" back in. This has worked several Times as well for me anyway.
    • Don't be afraid to join rooms that don't register a "Ping" Number.
    • Don't be Scared to restart your PS3 and Try Again, Some players I play with rest their PS3 quite often to be honest.

Can't get into a Lobby? Check Your Settings

So you can even seem to be able to join the Majority of the Game/Lobbies that you try? Then it might just be time for you to do some work on YOUR end of the things. Router Settings can play a Major impact on your abilities to find and play games, I am also talking about outside of Twisted Metal as well. Want the best experience possiable, then do some research and make sure you are not the one at fault.

    YOU need to check your Network Settings on your PS3. This is unrelated to the game of Twisted Metal but is probably the Single Best thing you can do to make sure you can have the best possible chance at playing the game. Click the link below and Follow it to the Best of your Ability.
  • DMZ

    After Checking your NAT TYPE, even if it is a NAT TYPE 2 it is recommended that you make sure you place your PS3 in to a DMZ. What is a DMZ? I don't really have enough time to explain it all here, but the just of it is that it places your PS3 "outside" of your routers Firewall, making it open to all connections. This isn't done on your PS3, it is done though your Router. Your best bet to figure out how to do this for "your" individual router is to Google your Router and put in keywords like "DMZ" If you are lucky enough to have a NAT TYPE1 then you should be good to go. TYPE 3 you absolutely NEED TO DO THIS! Not only for you but for other players in the game.

    Personal Story Time: I was playing at a "Diffferent" location then my usual, and I noticed that if I joined a Lobby, no one would join after me. Found this very odd, considering the Lobby I was in was being honest by a player who usually had no problems reaching the Max number of Players. Sooo.. I left, not more then 3 Min later that room was FULL!! Checked my NAT TYPE... Low and behold.... NAT TYPE 3!!

Check out this Link for Details on NAT Settings on you PS3 Check you NAT TYPE and Router Setting Tuturiol

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