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Site Guide and Help

How to use the site?

1 - The Activity Feed
This is the place where all the magic happens. The Activity Feed is a collection of everything that is going on in the site. It is where people share thier "Short" thought comment on each other give "Shout Outs" to other players. This is the Social Hub of the site so to speak. If a new event is created and talked about it shows up on the feed. If a new Forum Topic is made and talked about it shows up here.

Using the Activity Feed
The activity feed should be the 1st place you go to see what happening. It is organized by what is happening at that very moment on any given section of the website. This is also a place to share you short thought on the game, whats your thinking about in life. This is NOT the place to share your Game Video's your Music Video's. It is also not the place to post a topic that you would like to be "Discussed," that is what the Forum's are for. There is a reason for this. Comments on the activity feed are meant to be short, a lot like twitter post. Longer Post and Discussion based post simply work better if they are posted in the Forum Section of the website. Don't worry, I am not telling you that you can't share your Game Video's or Music Videos, a dedicated "Group" has been set up for such stuff to be shared. I will go into more detail on that when I talk about the proper use of "Groups"

2. The Forum/Blogs
The forum space isn't the best of forums spaces on the internet, I can't argue with that. But the Forum does hold a place with in the website. It is the place for Discussions. It keeps all thought on the same topic in the same location which makes it easier to go back and read and keeps the discussion in a basic read and reply style board, unlike that of the activity feed.

Blogs are meant to be a space that if you simply want to get something off your chest that is to long for the activity feed. Blogs aren't meant to be for topics that you want to discuss, that is the main difference between a Forum and Blog in regards to the use and function of this website.

Clans also have access to having their very own "Private Forum." This feature is no longer setup for each clan that is created on the website. But Clans that would like to have their very own "Private Forum" can do so by contacting and Admin of the Website to have this setup for them.

Using the Forum/Blogs
The Forum is to be used for LONGER discussions. Have something that you want to talk about with others and want replies to go in order. Use the Forum. Got a topic you want to have your opinion heard, use the Blog. Blogs should NOT be used to have a Discussion. So if you want people to reply to your topic with opionions and give advice, use the Forum, not the Blog. They are kind of redundant I get that, I have thought about doing away with the blog all together to be honest.

3. "Groups/Feeds"
Groups/Feeds were created out of a need. The need to give a place for people to share thoughts, Videos, Music Videos, and Music with out clogging up the Activity Feed for those who don't, for lack of a better term "Give a Shit" about those things. You have the choice to be apart of that "Group" or not to be a part of that "Group." If used correctly Groups/Feeds can help each person make the site more personally suited for them.

Using the Groups/Feeds
Several Groups/Feeds have been setup for different games and items. So if you want to talk about Grand Theft Auto 5 or Injustice it is recommended that you use the Group to do so. That way others on the site who might not have an intrest in those topics don't have their activity feed filled with stuff they simply don't really give two cents about. This is especially true of Music Videos and Game Videos!! Another nice option of using the Groups is that it Keeps all "Related" matter in the same area. So if you want to see what music videos people are sharing, you can see ALL of THEM!!

So please do your part in keeping what you post in it's proper location. This wasn't done to anger or piss off anyone, it was simply done to make the site more user friendly for ALL involved.

4. Events
Guide coming soon!!

More will be added to this section soon enough. Plus giving it a little bit of a "Graphical Update"

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