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Hosting a Game

Good Host? Bad Host?

With Twisted Metal PS3 the player's are granted Host control over pretty much everything. Unlike games other competitive games where hosting duties are carried out by a server behind the scenes. In Twisted Metal you are granted the "Power" to control everything from Map Selection, Game Type Selection, Starting the Game, Settings of the Game, and so on and so on. This has lead to a lot of headaches in my opionion that could of been avoided, but that is another discussion all toghether. So when they say "Power to the Player" they truly meant it in regards to Twisted Metal PS3. But lots of players don't understand what it means to be a good host or a bad host. I am going to try and iron some of those issues out for all so that Twisted Metal might be full of "Good Host" and not "Bad Host"

How to be a Good Host

A good host goes beyond that of just your "connection." With that said I hope to give you some info on how you can be a Good Host for Twisted Metal
  • Know when to Start the Game

    You might think that if you simply "Start" the game you would be considered a good host. Well you would at least be better then some, it still doesn't make you a "Good Host." Starting the Game to "Fast" also will put you into the "Bad Host" Category. Look Twisted Metal is a fast paced pressure intensive game. So starting a game back to back to back isn't going to keep players in your Lobby, that should be your goal. Take a Miniate or Two between games before starting the next game. Give players time to take a breath before jumping right into the next battle. No I am not talking about waiting 15 miniutes before you start. Give players enough time to regroup is all I ask. Give them time to do some shit talking in the Chat! Have some fun and join in on the chat, but thats for another section.
  • Change the Map

    This is a major pet pev of mine. Change the Fucking MAP. We have quite a few different Maps in Twisted Metal. I don't want to play the same map OVER and OVER AGAIN!!
  • Choose the Right Size Map

    Almost as annoying as Host who don't change the Map are Host who choose Maps that don't "fit" the amount of players in the game. Choosing Dialbo Pass full map with 6 players in the game, this is Twisted Metal not Hide and Seek. On the other hand is choosing Skid Row with a Room of 14 players. While I like action in my Twisted Metal I also love to have the Ability to have some space to work. So be aware of how many players are in your room and choose a map that best fits Number of players in the lobby.
  • Communicate!

    A really nice feature of Twisted Metal is the lobby chat. A good host Uses this. They communicate with others in the lobby letting them know who the Host Is. Want to change up Game Types, before you do let other players know that is what you are going to do. Nothing is worse then a Host that switches from DM to TDM and starts right away. I always end up on the Team that all other players left. once the Game starts the Final Countdown, There is no Hope for having fair teams. Some players stick to One Game Mode and don't like other game modes that much. They Joined your room in the first place because of the mode you were playing. So be aware that if you change the Mode Players will leave. If you are the Host of a Game, let others know that a new host is coming. Simply using the chat will keep your Lobby alive more then you think.
  • Tips for Being a Good Host

    • Change the Map
    • Communicate
    • Be Patient... Don't start to fast, Don't wait forever to start.
    • Stick with 1 game mode, unless you specify
    • Unranked - Don't do Unlimited Weapons
    • Unranked - Turn off Traffic.. That is all I ask
    • Unranked - Do your best to keep the Teams "Balanced"
    • Unranked - If it is a "Chill" room let others know.. They may not want to "chill"

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