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Battle Rules

u]1. - No Duplicate Vehicles at ANY time during a Match .
If player A wants to switch to a Vehicle that player B is currently using he must 1st Switch to a Vehicle that is not in Play. And then After Player B dies and switches to another vehicle that is NOT in play. Player A may switch to said vehicle.

2. - No Talons or Juggs Allowed at Anytime .

3. - Map Selection and Playable Maps .
a.)1st Map is to be agreed upon by the "Leaders" of each Clan
b.) The Losing Team Always chooses the next map.
c.) Full maps are NOT allowed in Battles as a Battle Map unless agreed upon by Clans.

4. - Game Settings .
a.) Reserved Slot set to 0(this disables the Health-Semi)
b.) Max Players set to 12 for a 5v5 match(will discuss the reasoning later)
c.) Scoring Rules set to "Dog Eat Dog"
d.) Kills Limit set to (unlimited)
e.) Pedestrians and Traffic both set to "OFF"
f.) Allow Late Join set to "Yes"
g.) Juggs and Talon set to '0"

5. - Hosting .
a.) The Host shall be agreed upon before the battle
b.) Host is to give time between matches for discussion, but will set a 10min Time Limit between matches if this becomes a problem.
c.) a 5 Min Lag Test can be preformed at the beginning of the battle to "test" the host connection.
c.) Switching Host shall be done if LAG is very present in the game.

6. - Best of 5 wins the Battle .
a.) Each Clan is HIGHLY encouraged to play out the matches, even if the Battle is lopsided.

7. - Glitches During Game Play .
a.) Know Gliches are NOT allowed, this includes Vermins Shield glitch
b.) Roadboats magnet stuck glitch
c.) Any and All other Glitches that I may have missed
e.) If a Major Glitch is to accrue the Game will be replayed

8. - Disconnections/Freezes .
a.) Each team will be encouraged to have a Bench player on stand bye in-case of disconnections. That is why the slots are set to 12. The bench player is to enter the game after the 9min mark. They will have to leave again before the beginning of the next game.
b.) If Multiple people disconnect before the 2min warning then the game is to be played over.
c.) If the game Freezes and everybody is dropped the Game is to be played again with a different host.

. - Misc Items .
a.) Sweet Tooth is allowed but he can't enter Flight Mode
c.) Self Sticking Tactic will be allowed unless otherwise noted
d.) Reaper Team Sticking RPG is not Allowed.

This is more of an Outline then a Hard Rules Sheet and should be treated as such.

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