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The Community Service Archives
The Place to git all your past community service Issues in one easy to navigate and sort of read place!
Kitten's Community Service Vol. #1: The Lost Issue of the Service
This Issue was once thought to be lost in time forever and ever... but though the magic of internet searches and foresinc science we have been able to piece together this very sacred and priceless piece of Internet Writing.

With Quotes from Ghandi himself and the astrology knowing of our very own Troll with Aidz. This is a must Read piece of History.... One day your kids kids will bow before this and pray to the almighty Kitten in the Sky

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #2: The Sequel to Vol #1
With a Quote from JFK... yeah check it out if you want to see the rest! simply because I (JobJob) am to damn lazy to write out a lovely summery for you.

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #3: The Revenge of the Service
Glitches & Hoes, FishGreaseMazon, Movies, and a very odd picture of JobJob

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #4:
JobJob's Mess up, Quote from the Duke, Hunted Team Hunted and other random Goodness..... better the chocolate!!!

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #5: The Service Takes Manhatten
The Service Takes Manhatten, The lose of our beloved .tk, and simply the page that I was to lazy to lay out all proper like.

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #6: The Phantom Menace
The Phantom Menace: Horoscope with Yardiras, Lindsay Lohan, JLH, and No Warty for a Kitty.

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #7: Die Harder
Die Harder: Horoscope with Mommy, Bill Cosby, and something about some asshole that asked me a question

Kitten's Community Service Vol. #8 - The Lost Issue of the Service
The Pulitzer Prize winning Issue of "Community Service"!! This is the must Check Out Edition. So much good stuff that I can't even find the time to come up with a summary that will even come close the epicness of this piece. Some have said that this piece of literature has even changed their lives for ever!

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