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Twisted Hall Front Page


Hall of the Twisted

The Un-official Offical 

T wisted Metal PS3 Hall of Fame brought to you by The Players of Twisted Metal PS3 and your Local TwistedClans Members

Nominate A Player Today!!

Nominating Rules:

-They do NOT have to be a member of the website to be nominated!!

-All Players of Twisted Metal can be nominated for whatever reason you see fit.

-You can not nominate yourself. 

-You can not nominate a single player more then once.

-Alt accounts will not be up for nomination, any alt accounts that are nominated will simply be skipped, unless it is a know Alt account of a player. example.. Nominating MegaKillStreak will be a vote for Muddy_Maestro.

This is simply for FUN!! so Nominate Someone today, and lets recognize those players that make this game Fun and Exciting for us all.


-Each member can nominated up to 20 players to be included on the Ballot. The Nominating period will end for the 1st Ballet on Friday August 16th.

-The Top 20 players that were nominated by their fellow players will be place into a ballet. Then Voting for the Players will being on August 16th and last though August 23rd. 

-Each member will be allowed to Vote only once on the Final Ballet. They will be able to Vote for 10 players out of the 20 selected from the Nomination process. 

-Once the final Voting ends on August 23rd the Top 10 players will be Announced and Inducted into the Hall of Fame (a webpage that will be designed for this purpose)

-The Second Class Nominating will begin the 1st Week of September. More Information coming soon!

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