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Tips and Tricks

A special Thank You to Andreas for Letting me use this Info from H2K/CBLT
If you are a new player and don't quite understand some of this, that is OK. Just ask a Vet in a lobby sometime. Most Likely they will help you out if you aren't a Dick about it.

If you are a Vet and see any mistakes please let me know and I will try and fix it

Are you charging up Swarmer Missiles against a pro and they know it? Chances are they might be ready to use a shield after you reach the 70 damage charge level and release your Swarmers. How to counter this? There is a chance that your opponent could use their shield during the 70 damage charge level in anticipation of you releasing the Swarmers. If this happens and you take the charge to its limits and then release them, your enemy's shield could expire, allowing you to get a successful 70 damage Swarmer Missile hit! However, you run the risk of overcharging them, so you may want to practice just how far you can stretch the weapon's charge. Note that this will probably only work if you are not right next to your opponent. Also, as cditti said, you can switch to a different weapon once you see your enemy use their shield. Although your Swarmers will not fire, you've just wasted that shield!

Do you have a full energy bar and see a Drop Mine laying there? Why not do an Absorption Shield? Using it and driving over the mine will not only fire a Stalker Missile at the enemy, but will replenish your AA too! Basically, it's a free Stalker fire. The same thing happens then you absorb a freeze. Freezes are easy to absorb because they travel slowly. Even if you are in a tight alley or a Skid Row area and your enemy is out of sight, you might want to absorb AA attacks. The Stalker might hit if your enemy if they reappear out of nowhere.

Do you suspect that a Reaper has an RPG set up? RPGs look exactly like drop mine does on your radar, a small yellow dot. In addition, the RPG will make a small beeping sound. Also, there is no way to tell if it is at stage 1 or 2 unless you fired it.

Please note that I'm not sure if this is true on Ranked. In Unranked Dead Man's Crossing has two unique rules. One rule is that if you fall you only take half the damage of a normal fall. The other is that if you force another player to fall, you will get no credit for it. This means that you have to be very careful if you have low health, a fall means you have killed yourself no matter what! It's also important to keep this rule in mind when fighting enemies, be careful when they are almost dead. Throwing them off is fine when they can take the hit, but if they can't then don't do it. We all know how frustrating it is when a player kills themselves. >

Many of you know this, but there is a secret passageway from Thrills & Kills to Merlin's Madness and House of Horrors. If you get onto the roller coaster tracks and get between the two ways to Merlin's, you will see a weapon that you have to jump off to get. Do so and you will not only land on the mountains, but into a road with spikes. Jump these to get more weapons and eventually you will be at Merlin's. Do the same for House of Horrors. Keep in mind that you will take damage if you fall into the spike traps and you will respawn back onto the secret path.

I got this one from Simba_Inja. He told me that he saw it in Vadimony's Roadkill thread. Full credit to those guys. Believe it or not, Roadkill's alt. special has 4 stages. Once you reach stage 3 and fully charge it, don't release it. Let it continue until the charge bar faintly blinks. About half a second after it starts blinking it will overcharge and you'll lose it, so be careful. Stage 3 does a maximum of 97 damage while Stage 4's max is 122. You thought RK's alt. was dangerous before? In the right hands, it can be lethal. Also like Roadkill, Death Warrant also has a hidden stage to its alt. special. Death Warrant's 3rd stage can be achieved the same way as with Roadkill. Charge up stage 2 and hold it in until the charge bar faintly blinks. Stage 2 does a maximum of 65 damage while stage 3 does 73.

Outlaw's alt. special can be fired backwards! Hold in the back button on the d-pad while the special is firing to have it shoot backwards. Release the back button to have it shoot forward again.

Juggernaut can be frozen. 3 freezes in quick succession will do the trick. However if Juggernaut is charging a weapon while it is hit with a freeze, it will still lose the charge.

Health respawns every 3 minutes. You might want to look at the time left in the game once you take it. Subtract 3 minutes off that and you have the time until more health respawns there!

Do you try to use the Absorption Shield and you get a default one instead? Chances are you've hit the Right button before Triangle. To always get an Absorption Shield, press and hold Triangle and then press Right. Note that this takes a slight amount of time, so you may not be able to do this if you want to absorb on a short notice.

If you get a Sniper Rifle's charge to gas tank and you lose the lock on the opponent, don't worry. Simply regain a lock on any enemy while the charge is still at gas tank and the Sniper will start charging at the blow out marker. Note that once the lock is broken, the charge will slowly rewind. If it gets past the gas tank marker then you will have to start charging from the beginning. If you charge it enough to get a head shot and lose the enemy, regain a lock to start at gas tank. There is no rewind once you reach a head shot. The timer will still drain though.

Tip #13: Vermin's offline armor is 205. Its online armor however is 180. While offline it has about the same armor as Meat Wagon and Road Boat, its online armor is reduced to that of Death Warrant.
The Remote Bomb, an opponent simply locks onto you and fires. It's then guaranteed to stick itself to you, right? Surprisingly, there is a way to block it. If you have an Absorption Shield raised when the bomb hits you, you will not only steal a Remote Bomb and fire back a Stalker Missile but the bomb will also explode on impact. If you know a bomb is coming and can react quickly enough, you will enjoy a lot of benefits.

This is just wacky lol. When you are in the Iron Maiden boss fight, freeze a baby head. You will then be able to pilot it much like a Nuke Missile. It will explode upon running into walls or taking any damage.

Overcharging Kamikaze's and Crimson Fruy’s alt. special doesn't result in you losing the special. Instead of using it anyway if the enemy moves out of range, consider letting it overcharge. Keep in mind that when you overcharge it you cannot use the special for about 2 seconds and switching weapons before you get to use your special again will result in it being lost.

Do you want to stick yourself with a Remote Bomb but your vehicle is too small and it goes right through your car? Jump twice and then release it at the top of the 2nd jump You should then be able to have it land on you.

Can't Flame Saw a quick and low-armored enemy as Reaper? Have your alt. special ready and freeze them. Then just aim and hit the fire button twice. You will then have an RPG stuck to them. This can be useful as it can be mostly impromptu, where as for Flame Saws you have to drag. Make sure you are already lined up with the enemy so taking a long time to aim is not required.

For Nuke in Skyline, make sure you don't use 2 shields while flying a Nuke Missile. You will run out of gas. You can't even use 1 shield if you take a longer route.

You can self-destruct Nuke Missiles by pressing X (default/classic layout). Whatever you do, don't press it!

Piloted gurneys can tight turn! Press and hold X to do so (default/classic layout). Be aware that the gurney's speed will slightly decrease during the turn.

Charging a Stalker Missile and don't see anybody? Switching to another weapon without letting go of the charge will allow you to keep the missile!

You cannot stick a Remote Bomb to a Nuke Missile. It can lock on and detonate on contact however, inflicting damage to the missile.

Did an opponent launch a Nuke Missile while having low health? Don't try to kill them after the missile explodes. That same enemy might try to capture a faction leader again on the same life, so him/her not having 100% health makes it easier to kill them then.

If you freeze a Talon and they take fall damage, they will reappear frozen. However, any progress that opponent makes towards getting out of the freeze before the fall damage will transfer to when they reappear. The enemy does get refrozen.

You stick a pro with a Remote Bomb but they freeze you and go to ram you to transfer the bomb. They successfully do so but the ram damage gets you out of the freeze. You might want to quickly shield (recommended if you have enough energy) and detonate the bomb right after you get out. The opponent will probably still be in close range unless they turbo dashed into you and bounced off. He/she probably won't be expecting it so it's a good bet the enemy won't shield it. They will take 75 damage and this is especially good against low armored vehicles.

Rams, including Darkside's special, cannot be absorbed. The enemy might throw in a sidearm shot with the ram though so you could take a chance and use an Absorption Shield anyway (if you have the time to prepare to use it).

Reaper can use 3 shields basically in a row. If you can manage to not use one by the time you are ready to sacrifice as Reaper in Nuke, you are almost guaranteed to launch. Note that you can get knocked out of the Mobile Launcher sacrificing zone because you are so small, so that's always an issue.
Special weapon mines, at least Darkside's anyway, have blast damage. They are good in crowded area.

If you're fighting down in the Metro subway and the train is coming, you could use it as a roadblock. Grabbing a Remote Bomb etc. and destroying it will block the path, perfect if the opponent is on the other end of the train. If the enemy runs into a part of it, they might take damage too.

If an opponent dies via one of the the Black Rock lava pits, they have killed themselves no matter what. Make sure you either avoid knocking an enemy with low health into the pit or shoot the hit point that kills them.

It is possible to drive a Nuke Missile through the subway in Metro Square. It's a quick and unexpected getaway but it's hard to avoid weapons and outrun enemies if they follow you into it. The strategy is especially good for when you launch a missile via a Mobile Launcher near the tunnel as your route isn't slowed that much.

Darkside's special gives a bonus if you hit a Reaper with it. The "Darkside Slam" will give you a max of 85 damage rather than 78.

Kamikaze is only a bit slower than Crimson Fury. You might not want to pick Crimson over Kami because of its speed alone.

Roadboat's alt. special can grab enemies near building ledges. Use this to bring the fleeing enemy to you.

If an opponent has a Sniper Rifle lock on you, you might want to imagine the charge in your head. This might help you to shield a head shot. Factor in if the enemy is moving and if they've already targeted another player long enough to start at the blow out or gas tank marker.

With smaller, faster cars and Talon it's possible to dodge a Laughing Ghost in the open if you move at an angle. Try to master this, that way you can save a shield.

You cannot save a Swarmer Missile by switching to another weapon before it overcharges like you can with Stalkers. You might want to make sure you will have a target before starting the charge.

You can aim JYD's taxi toss via the free look (right analog stick for the default controller layout). Use this to reach enemies at higher ground that can't be targeted.

RPGs can be locked onto opponents. If you fire it while the reticule is on the enemy it will eventually stick onto them even if it still travels straight. Don't worry about timing the RPG to actually hit a vehicle when it has a lock.

Thanks to Vadimony for making this tip public! It is possible to dodge a Homing Missile if you have enough distance from the enemy who fired it and a well-placed Turbo Dash. Try to master it with a friend sometime.

You can kill enemies with the Nuke Missile's blast damage when it explodes. use this to clear the path for another Nuke behind you if the statue only needs one more hit to be destroyed.

After you ram an enemy you cannot ram them again and give them more damage right away, so some timing may be needed.

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