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16th Jul X-PloytAdmin replied to the topic Chat box timestamp text - obscured.
Maybe adding padding via the theme editor would fix it?
12th Jul X-PloytAdmin with B [BSRK]
It was nice getting to play with you, but man, that was some of the worst games I've played. It seemed that after I went to pro status, I got matched up against parties, and they all did fairly well.

I also don't play goalie, so it didn't help that we were all going after the ball! I'll have to work on breaking the impulse to go offense all the time.
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3rd Jul X-PloytAdmin created a new topic Edit Theme: Vertical repeat - doesn't work
Among the plethora of functionality issues iClans websites possess and go unfixe...
20th Jun X-PloytAdmin with Sapling
I read your comment in the chat box. iClans has issues...plenty to be honest. Loading times tends to be an issue on their sites, alot, and I've always bitched about their half-baked functionality; they show little-to-no transparency about their plans to improve, much like I would! : )

If you have a suggestion on improving navigation, feel free to make one.

"When it was crowded, popular, and exciting enough, the main people on this site weren't really invested."
Read More: http://www.twistedclans.c ... /39545#ixzz3dd8ZKFQe

Not sure how to take that because it's vague and misleading, but I digress.

Anyways, welcome back!
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18th Jun X-PloytAdmin befriended HOT_SHOT_79
15th Jun X-PloytAdmin befriended MidnightMulligan [BSRK]
14th Jun X-PloytAdmin
Just thought I'd throw this out there since no one has bothered to figure it out:

You can now "upload" videos with your name attached to it and be placed with other uploaded videos via the "Videos" link under the "Home" menu link.
3rd Jun X-PloytAdmin created a new topic Allow Vids to be Categorized
Nice new feature! It would be really nice if videos could be categorized though...
31st May X-PloytAdmin befriended Laerte Steffens [=eX=]
26th May X-PloytAdmin befriended Mephesto [dMv]
25th May X-PloytAdmin replied to the topic Website very slow since downtime.
If my site wasn't dead already, I would be ticked dealing with slow loading on a...
17th May X-PloytAdmin befriended MindCell
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1st May X-PloytAdmin replied to the topic Deleted Member Comes Back
You can't stop someone from re-applying to your site. All you can do is make it ...
15th Apr X-PloytAdmin befriended Mihyaz05 [muse]
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4th Apr X-PloytAdmin
Half of a 22oz Heineken, and I catch a buzz. Cheap thrills!
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14th Mar X-PloytAdmin
If I entered everything in correctly, will be back and official in 2 days!
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28th Mar X-PloytAdmin befriended John ™ [H8ME]
19th Mar X-PloytAdmin replied to the topic Can I move stickies above the subforums some how?
Yep. Only way.
21st Mar X-PloytAdmin befriended Zap2772
20th Mar X-PloytAdmin replied to the topic News articles and images
About 15 hours ago I was messing around with banners, changing them and what-not...

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